16 comments on “Transformational Possibilities: Chantal Elise Schmidt

  1. Another candidate na isasama middle name dahil “Schmidt” doesn’t sound Filipina enough. Magnayon-Gray and Alonzo-Wurtzbach again.

    • When???? When Bella is NOT in the roster…. because you prefer Bella to her. Your Question answered??

  2. I really think that if she is gunning for the crown, she would lay low from pageantry and focus on success outside pageantry, so once she wants to come back, she will come back more confident, much wiser and more mature to be ready to represent the country.

    These girls need to get some real life advice and not just pageant-focused advice.

    Right now, I don’t see her as an MUP.

  3. Great stage presence , very powerful speaker
    Young , great body
    I won’t mind if she wins MUP even though I am a solid Bella fan
    Just need better styling to soften her look

    • I also like bella, eloquent and efforless speaker. Yun nga lang she needs to master how to deliver very short/ direct but deadly answers sa Q and A (time limit and all) I mean im sure she has meaningful things to say, but yun nga within the time limit. As for Chantal, okay din sya but , right, softern the features , she comes off a bit tranny-ish at times. but who knows baka ma appreaciate yan ni khun anne.

  4. I watched her in Bb… though fluent in English , she was not able to speak her mind effectively

    If she is the MUP at MU2023 , I will be very nervous if she can land in the semifinals

    • BBP?!… You may have mistaken her for the other Filipina-German. I’m not saying the name.

      I, too, would be a tad nervous. At the MUP 2022 Finale Top 10 Question Round, she said pageantry has given this introvert a platform to come out of her shell (to that effect) & I sensed the PALPABLE nervousness.

      (I got the vibe of that Ilongga Bb who jumped in for a second attempt, even switching camps in her determination… Alas, mapasabay ka ba, naman, sa mga tulad nu’ng dalawa’ng taga-Eastern Visayas – Borongan & Tacloban City!)

      My point : since she already has work with EmpirePh on their online show as co-hostess, may I kindly suggest to postpone~defer. Anyway, she’s already in the stable. Peace & ❤

  5. Being beautiful, tall 5′ 10″, Mercator Model and one of the Top 10 Finalist at MUP 2022 is not enough. If this Fil-German lass from Bacolod is serious of joining again MUP she should start working her advocacy now.

    • Tito Norman, what are her “credentials”–advocacy, occupation, achievements, back story, etc.?

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