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  1. Celeste was caught in the crossroads of two contending forces in pageantry: the preservation of the traditional ideologies and myths of a eurocentric competition between glamazons and the market-driven movement to advance the holistic concept of beauty along with other ideals of diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, gender equality, and environmental justice. The fans and handlers, vanguards of the status quo, kept Celeste fixated on physical beauty—perfecting her pasarela, gown carriage, styling, and even body aesthetics intervention. But as fate would have it, the survival instinct of the dying pageantry business led to a seismic paradigm shift championed by a new investor who halted MUO’s nosedive to bankruptcy. It turned out that the fans and Celestes’ handlers were unprepared for the paradigm shift that required qualities that were not part of her training curriculum.

  2. MU is looking for exceptional, accomplished women who just so happen to take the risk of beauty pageants as part of their life path, NOT “professional beauty queens” and people groomed for pageants!

    Beatrice Luigi Gomez was actually a great example. Many were surprised she cracked the top 5, but in retrospect, she is a an openly LGBTQ member in the military, pursuing her degree, and varsity volleyball player. Sure, Catriona had pageant ambitions from the beginning, but she made a name for herself and could sing.

    It’s a bummer that it had to be Celeste who experienced this loss since she is such a lovely woman, but I hope that MUPH takes to heart the strong signal that you cannot fabricate a transformational leader. They need to have been doing the work, with pageantry as just one step.

  3. I am so proud of Celeste!

    She has become one of my favorite PH queens.

    The judges did not see her dedication and determination.

    I disagree with most people here who equates educational achievement with intelligence and leadership potential.

    Some people become achievers because they come from privileged backgrounds.

    Anyway, that’s water under the bridge.

    Let us celebrate Celeste as one of the most amazing Filipinas we had sent to MU. ❤️

      • Yes that’s true pero you have to be smart like street smart like Pia W. Si Diana Hayden nga MW 1997 ang galing kumuda and Sushmita considering their just hs graduates when they won and just 18. It’s either you are or you aren’t. Simple

  4. I am glad she is finally back home and I am sure she enjoy her one month vacation in Los Angeles and New Orleans. It is time to move on and hopefully she will join another beauty pageant in the future. I believe the MUP org should be blame for her dismal performance, Celeste did everything possibly could help her to achieve the crown but her best effort is not enough to impress the judges.

  5. tama ka grabe ang effort mo sa aurahan… pero mali ka, personality at leadership ang hanap… wala ka doon. maganda k nmn talaga try mo sa Supra..

    • Parang lahat, ‘ata, na sinabihan’g sumubok niyan, for one reason or another hindi nagtuloy~umulit… Two good examples are the co-Cebuana of MUP 2021 in the Nationals Top 5 & the Filipina-British BBP 2017 semifinalist.

      In any case, with the current arrangement of that ‘pageant circle’ with the Heads of the Poland-based organization during the recent Yuletide holidays (the subject of a past post), it’s not far-fetched to assume the search will focus on a NEW FACE. #standalonenakami

  6. The portrait looks so amazing , and her beauty is really amazing … we will never know the Q&A results , maybe she got nervous and her voice became really really shaky … but no matter what, she deserved to be in the Top 16 instead of that India , the 12th name on the top 16 list should have been Philippines ! but getting to top 5, HARD !

  7. I appreciate her effort to represent our country well in MU. She may not have brought home the crown, but she had done a very good job in showcasing to the world the beautiful qualities of a Filipina.

    • She was too busy “slaying” on the street of LA who h has nothing to do with MU prepageant events. Her handlers mismanaged her and they focused on her Pasarela

    • She was too busy “slaying” on the street of LA who h has nothing to do with MU prepageant events. Her handlers mismanaged her and they focused on her Pasarela 😊

    • you cannot deny that face! I think she will slay the Supra Runway with her VS Angel-ish glow kung nagkataon.

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