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  1. Nakakahiya ibang Pinoy kung magcomment sa Miss U pages.. as in lalaitin mga itsura and advocacy ng ibang candidates na nakapasok sa TOP16 para lang iangat pambato natin.. TOXIC Crab mentality at its best.. tsk tsk.. E kay Miss Canada palang na hindi Kagandahan e nagmukhang latak na agad utak ng pambato natin… Walang connect tayo sa sustainability since feeding program is not sustainable plus “teaching” moms & kids from rural communities how to feed themselves is is obviously a lie or simply ineffective since she can barely speak Tagalog so how much more could she teach someone who only speaks the native dialects of their tribes..

    • Disgraceful behaviour indeed. The more they criticize, the more they demand judging transparency, the more they bring out the vulnerabilities of Celeste! And the toxicity brings down the whole Philippines’ image as well.

    • Natawa din ako dun sa how to teach. Atehhh teach yourself first Tagalog before teaching others wag kang mema. Hahahaha nakakaloka it was really a disconnect. If thesis defense yun automatic 5.0!!! 😆 Or 1.0 in other institutions 😂

  2. hi admin, kindly post also the prelim interview of miss curacao, available in sashfactor international. Thanks

    • @matt, I watched the preliminary interview with Miss Curacao. Her inner beauty radiates in her articulacy, depth and candor– projecting unmistakable authenticity. No wonder she was one of the frontrunners. I’m sure all those in the Top 16 were able to convince the Selection Panel that they are beautiful women of substance deserving to wear the Force for Good Crown. The finals just became a battle of who has got the transformational leadership qualities engendered by their advocacies.

  3. I watched an interview ni Natalie glebova with Miss India too, there is no way Celeste or even Pauline amelincx would match her eloquence. Very well spoken and considering she just finished at third place in the contest last 2021 in miss India.

  4. From Sash Factor:

    Miss Universe 2022 @rbonneynola will have her Homecoming in the Philippines!
    The Miss Universe Organization is preparing for her Homecoming visit in Manila in the coming months.
    And by tradition, Indonesia will be the first country the newly crowned Miss Universe will visit.
    photo : ctto
    source : @1newsph

    • Prepairing for her “HOMECOMING VISIT”!?…
      When was the PHILIPPINES ever her home?!
      This is a great insult to FILIPINOS and to our Representative!!!
      Tayo ang nagtanim pero iba ang aani?!!!!

      • Pinoy baiting as usual. Business as usual for MUO. Mala Nawat na galawan. Ung iba naman sa atin uto uto, I mean she’s welcome to visit because she’s half pinay no probs. But don’t call it Homecoming. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. wala ba syang homecoming sa States? daming bashers ng MUO ngayon from Latin and South East Asian fans, kaya kelangan uli nilang gamitin pinoy fans.

      • @GN

        I agree.. they want to put us Filipinos in badlight by baiting gullible Toxic fans who’s desperately buying these loads of BS.. hook line & sinker.

    • ‘… In the coming months’. Tatapat, ba, ng MUP 2023 Finale? Like when Harnaaz came, it was Celeste’s coronation? 🙂

      (May target month na, pala. Huli na ko sa balita.)

      And will Gov. Singson’s daughter still be the one to fly R’Bonney in?

      Will the Indonesia trip coincide with PI 2023? Is C1000 still a major sponsor? The kebaya, any indications as to what she’ll wear? Jasmine Selberg & Lalela Mswane will go, too?

  5. There wouldn’t be a need for this if only MUOrg showed the prelim scores in gown, interview, and swimsuit during pageant night while the candidates were introducing themselves 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Showing the prelims and pageant night competition scores in real time (judges and their scores) will calm down even the most aggressive pageants fans (i.e. latinos, thais, indos, pinoys, viets).

  6. Bakit biglang lumabas ang clamor ng mga pinoy fans na ipakita ang live scores susme porket natalo ang candidate natin pero pag nanalo sigurado against sila sa mga opinions ng ibang lahi fans na ipakita ang live scores.
    Hayss kailan kaya magbabago ang Pinas at mga Pilipino. Toxic kaya di umaasenso ang Pinas at napag iiwanan sa SEA.

    • Sadly, these toxic fans make the Philippines the laughing stock of pageantry world. But haven’t Filipinos been oblivious to this kind of image the way we choose our leaders? This is the only country where accused and sentenced plunderers do not only go scott free– they even get elected!

  7. Just listening to Australia’s interview, there is no way that Celeste could ever match that spontaneity. Hers will be so trivial, rehearsed and tentative IMO
    Catriona or Pia mus have aced their respective closed door interviews.

  8. My kids are half-Filipinos living in the US. And they have been to the Philippines only once and yet they identify themselves more as Filipino than American .
    R’bonney has visited the Philippines 10-15x so I understand why she is so attached to her Filipino roots .. not to mention the fact that she looks almost pure Filipino
    To those who are so rash at judging R’bonney , mahiya na man po kayo
    Pinoy po ang puso nya

    • So why didn’t she joined MUP instead if she is so attached to her Filipino roots? A sign of being a double standard.

      • She has her advocacy in the US
        I donot think she could afford the 2-3 yr interruption
        Plus what would her chances be given that her beauty is very debatable to many Filipinos ?

    • With due respects to some R’bonney bashers, she was born, raised and got educated in the USA, let alone the fact that her long-running advocacy is in the USA. But she’s genuinely Filipino at heart, relishing adobo, halo-halo and ensaymada just like any one of us. By no stretch of imagination can one say that she’s “traidor” nor having a “double standard” by carrying the sash of the country she has spent all 28 years of her life. She should even be admired for not going the all-too-familiar route of going to the Philippines, joining the local contest for the right to carry the Philippine sash, and after winning the crown go back to the country where she lives and works.

    • Alam nyo tigilan nyo na yang pagtatalong yan kasi hindi pa ba malinaw sa inyo na nanalo si R’bonney ng MU wearing the sash which says “USA”. Kahit nga kay R’bonney eh malinaw na malinaw na “USA” ang ipinanalo niya sa MU at hindi Philippines. Hindi naman issue dito kung sino ang mas Filipino kay ganito or kay ganyan. Tayo lang namang mga commenters ang nagppacomplicate ng mga bagay bagay. Napansin ko kasi sa ibang mga pinoy basta may dugong pinoy yung tao eh kiniclaim agad natin. Irespeto natin yung tao kung anong gusto niyang nationality. Hindi natin pride yang pagkapanalo niya dahil para yan sa karangalan ng Amerika. Ok na ba mga beks?

  9. Honestly, di ko na maunawaan ang direksyong tinatahak ng MUO kahit kasi sila hindi na din nila maintindihan lalo pa at iba na ang may-ari…ang gulo. Pero in the end tagapanood lang naman ako sa tv at simpleng taga suporta ng pambato natin.

  10. Let us always support our halfies who are proud to represent the Philippines (maka Filipino) and not those halfies who are more than willing to represent the other side of the world (mga traidor) and use their Filipino blood to gain support and approval from us.

    • Traidor? Ang oa. If I’m a halfie and get sick I’ll go to the country except the Philippines. Example: bea Santiago. Lol it’s nice representing the Philippines in pageants only other than that nothing.

  11. the question really is when … will they show these prelim Q&A one day before the Finale telecast or will they show them on the same day as the presentation show ?

    I am really surprised by this decision and it feels like they were pressured into it because of the all the rigging allegations… just because the two Latinas lost to RBonney

    There should be no more scores shown since the public will now see swim,gown &Q&A
    The one thing that we still won’t know will be the behind the scenes impressions, charm

  12. I just hope that they will include the scores as well. Scores in swimsuit, evening gown and the interview.

  13. The MU title is a full time job. The preliminary interview is nothing but a job interview to see the fit of the candidate to the all-important role as brand ambassador, spokesperson, and image model. The fans clamored for transparency. Now that it is being given, why the hesitancy?

  14. Back in 2003, instead of scores, they used the Yes or No style of judging meaning as each contestant takes her turn on the stage, the judges will either give her a yes or a no. The girls with the most number of yeses (less the number of nos) advances to the next round. This was until 2004. Because the top faves like VEN, UKR didnt make the first cut, they announced that the semifinalists are chosen by the judges and MUO hence the Trump Cards. This was until 2006 because 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 used the point system again. I guess during the last MU pageant, they used the mention scoring combined with the deliberations to determine the finalists. But ultimately, these are just speculations because they haven’t really given a clear and specific judging system hence the belief that the selection process is rigged. Hopefully, Pia who judged during the 2017 pageant can provide answers

  15. Ang siste Mukha daw fact checking nangyari sa close door interview. If that’s the case patay talaga yung naghire ng ibang tao to write their bios. Nakakaloka 🥴🥴🥴

  16. Tapos yung Vloggers gagawa ng Posts

    “Pasabog si Celeste, ang galing”

    “Tinapos ang Laban”

    “Korona na lang kulang”

    Eh di nga pumasok eh

    Aanhin pa ang interview, Perception of the fans will be overshadowed by their Nationalism.

    Dapat ilagay ang Final Score ng interviews per candidate, para malaman natin pang ilan sya sa Ranking! Yun lang makaka pa tahimik sa lahat


      • They are baklang kanals! Whenever you comment something not nice to Celeste ex. her being a weak communicator which is btw a fact you will be flooded by dislikes! Apparently they don’t want to hear the truth? Too much emphasis on the physical beauty nakalimutan ang cerebral part.

  17. This move is unnecessary if the only aim is shut down the claims of a rigged selection process.

    MUO wants to justify its selection of the top 16. And there could be unintended consequences since viewers’ perception of the candidates’ performance can be subjective.

    I think MUO is experiencing an unprecedented pressure to come out clean. It should’ve made its criteria clear and transparent from the very beginning.

    • read from Twitter that there were suggestions to replace the Management of MUP. Pia as the National Director, Creative for Catriona (or any position she wishes), and Nicole for PR I guess, I forgot. Is this true? Parang malamya ang new management. I for one is not for removing MU from BBP. Also, Catriona and Nicole still prefer BBP. So, ano na?

  18. No! This will ruin everything! More bashing from the war freak fans to the lovely candidates. IMO this “interview” should not be published. I prefer the scores instead from their preliminary round to be published during the intro. But then again I am not a billionaire. I don’t run the show. Sayang MU is like MGI levels na

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