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    • After watching the Q&A… The girl you are reffering to is resting on being pretty… Meanwhile, Miss Philippines is the Total Package. 😊

    • I actually agree with Ver, Uzbekistan is a stunner – and her answer wasn’t bad. Thailand gave the best answer too, very precise. I guess Meiji had a better overall performance. 💐 No hate 🕊️

  1. With that prizes, who is sponsoring this pageant!!!! hihihihih

    Hay naku I smell something fishy… But nevertheless, congrats!!!! Dasurv ang effort. You may not have gotten a local title but at least you got 5 million pesos and more!!!!

    I will take cash over anything hihihihihi! Cheret 😛

  2. Bongga Ang prize 🏆
    Pero Mukha cyang matrona sa pics.
    Cya lang nman Ang maganda(face) with Uzbekistan sa Top 5.
    Congratulations Mijie🎉
    I hope all “Stan” countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan will participate in all Bayoti Pageant . Well, Kazakhstan is more famous in BP among the Stan countries.
    Napagkamalan ko pang Pinay Ang Kazakhstan stewardess Ng Etihad airways and she’s very proud na mapagkamalang Pinay.

  3. Congratulations, Meiji! Your winning Second Runner-Up and Best In Swimsuit during Binibining Pilipinas 2021 served you oh so well in snagging the Miss CosmoWorld 2022 crown!

    Meiji brought home the cash prize of a whopping 100,000 US Dollars or 5,631,000 Philippine Pesos! If I’m not mistaken, that’s even bigger than the total outright prizes of any of the alpha pageants! Most definitely impressive for a little known minor pageant! Maybe after this a lot of pageant hopefuls will aspire to represent the country in Miss CosmoWorld more than any of the major crowns at stake if only to become overnight millionaires!

    • The 100,000 US Dollars is only one of the cash prizes. She will actually bringing home a total of 19+ million pesos. Ganun kalaki ang prize nya.

      • Oh wow Miss Tissa that’s also what I read in the Facebook page of Missosology — that Meiji will be bringing home so much more than her 100,000 US Dollars top prize due to her winning some of the special awards. Would you know the breakdown?

      • So I finally got to see the video of Meiji’s full performance. After she was announced as the winner, she was first shown holding a placard announcing her prize both cash and in kind worth 1,055,000 Malaysian Ringgit or 13,307,955 Philippine Pesos. After the photo-ops the placard was replaces with a second one showing the cash prize of 100,000 US Dollars. Not clear though if the latter prize is part of the former. But if those are two legit separate prizes, then Meiji is indeed coming home with a total worth of 18,938,955 Philippine Pesos in prizes!

  4. OOT: tabi-tabi po. sino bets niyo for MWP? at sino nakikita niyong delegate ang may malaking chance to clinch the blue crown?

    Ako I wish Ukraine will win Miss World 2022. Offering the crown to all people who defended democracy and freedom.

  5. Off topic:
    Miss Earth 2022 is trending worldwide on Google Search with almost 700 million search as of last time versus a single basher here in Norman Blog lol

  6. Sa kanya ba yung cash prize na 1, 055, 000RM, so if i’m not mistaken may 12M pesos sya kasi 1RM is equivalent to 12.50php

  7. The Top 3, along with Zambia, were lovely and definitely head and shoulders above the rest by a mile. Interesting that Rodgil Flores was actually one of the judges.
    As hilarious and cheap-looking as this show was (check out the talent section and the entertainer singing “Miss Cosmo World” to the tune of “Sweet Caroline”), the cash prizes were amazing!!! Meiji, as the winner, won $100,000USD… 1RU $83,000USD and 2RU $65,000USD. That’s a lot better than most of the top-tier pageants. Congrats!

    • @ Lily- Hello sis!!! How are you? Buti ka pa humble lang kahit sa amerika ka nakatira pero yung Ivan, jusko kung manghamak ng buhay ng kapwa pinoy akala mo naman eh walang hangganan…napakayabang ni Ivan…grrrrrrrr. hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

      • Sis!!!! Aloha!!! Always such a treat to see you here whenever I stop by for a visit (which is not very often) !!! Okay lang ako… tumataba kasi lafang ng lafang due to Thanksgiving — tapos eto na ang holidays!! 😂😂
        Enjoy the start of the holiday season, sis!!! 🥰🥰

  8. Kung manalo si Hannah Arnold sa Miss International, it is safe to say that the winners of Bb. Pilipinas 2021 are the most successful batch of all time.

    Taray tinalo nila ang batches 2013, 2015 and 2018 for bringing home 4 Crowns

    Congrats Meiji!


    • Now we just watch when Stacey Gabriel is assigned to a pageant where she can represent Pinas …

  9. another one held in Malaysia ? what countries are the runners up, I think the 2nd ru is Thailand ? Congrats ! next up Justine Felizarta , Congrats in Advance ! Title is yours !

    • The ‘stans’ of Central Asia – Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, maybe you want to throw in Mongolia – are potential/promising ‘up-&-comers’ for the BIG’s. Ganda, rin, ni MKyrgyzstanEarth nito’ng huli! ❤

      (Has Turkmenistan sent a rep anywhere recently? No malice. Pure curiosity, kasi parang hindi, ko, sila naririnig sa mga Sash Ceremony…)

      • Turkmenistan used to send delegates to Miss Asia Pacific International …

        Tajikistan has sent a delegate to Miss International years ago …

  10. It was long and winding journey to her success. Her first attempt to join in Bb. Pilipinas 2011 was unsuccesful. After graduating with 3 college degrees in broadcast journalism, psychology, and guidance and counseling, she tried again in Bb. Pilipinas 2021 where she placed Second Runner-up and she was appointed by BPCI as the representative of the Philippines in Miss CosmoWorld 2022 and luckily she ended up the winner. Mabuhay Philippines!

    • (First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! A fabulous way to begin the month.)

      She was appointed by BPCI?… Baka, her camp sent her. Maybe MCWO needed a ‘Philippines’ rep & we know the-2-letter-pageant-camp-W/O-the-ampersand’ is the ‘go-to’ for anyone with this requirement… Thanks to them, her co-veterans like Shane Tormes can finally compete internationally. ❤

      (Speaking of co-camp veteran, Mr. Blogger, the other 'World', ano na? Kailan, po, ba siya?)

      • There’s one other Malaysia-based international pageant I’m hoping will dive back in soon… 🙂

        Great advocacy! And you get SCUBA lessons as part of your prize. Yup, we’ve won before.

        (But, that’s for another day.)

        Enjoy the win, Ms. Meiji. ❤

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