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  1. Good-looking, charming, mukhang mabait. I like this guy and wish him more luck in his future.❤️


  3. OFF TOPIC : I heard that at MU 2022 , there will be a top 21 , then will whittle down to 14 , and finally to a top 7 ! (5th ru , 4th ru, 3rd ru, 2nd ru, 1st ru, Vice Queen/alternate, MU queen ! )

  4. Let’s face it. Latin pageants, male or female, are not yet ready for Oriental looks. And in male pageants worldwide, Asian masculinity and the emerging concept of soft masculinity carried along by Asian pop culture, still has a long way to go. Andre obviously represents Asian masculinity. Since soft masculinity is slowly making space for men in the beauty industry, there is a bright future in modeling for for this young Asian caballero.

    • Maybe the femme, ready na… Jeslyn Santos, Camelle Mercado, & Teresita Ssen come to mind. And that Japanese that won Reina Cafe some years back. ❤

      Also, I think it was at a Brazil edition of an international modelling contest that Charo Ronquillo was elevated… Someone else won, but it was her ticket to a NY agency!

      (Speaking of international modelling competition, didn't World Top Model start in Hungary yesterday? Any news on Cyrille Payumo? 🙂

      This isn't the first time we sent guys to Latin America. Remember Denver Hernandez & Samuele Carenzi?

    • Asian men need not meet Western masculinity standards to be considered a “caballero”. Intellect, wit, compassion, charm, social responsibility, political savvy, and kindness may not show up as clearly in photographs, but these Asian qualities last longer and wear better.

      • Those are not Asian qualities Scorg, come on. They are universal qualities that could be possessed by any race. There’s good and bad everywhere.

  5. A boy among men. Congrats still. Even a shortie like Matthew Song of Brazil landed in third place in Mister Supranational 2017 so yes hope springs eternal

    • More recently, Dr. Santosh Upadhayay of Nepal made the Top 5 (Adajar’s batch mate & the year the Peruvian won).

      I’m inclined to think, baka na-jinx ‘to’ng bata (see @ Ken’s comment, below). Si JE Tanting, nga, very quietly competed in Turkiyah & won… In any case, the organization now has one crown, a Runner-up (Ordillano as host delegate), & a semifinal commendable inaugural finish by Cue. They have two more to dispatch – Cortez & Comaling. These two arguably have the best Q&A/articulation among them, so we can be quite hopeful!

      Puhon, Andre enjoyed the experience.

      (PS. I said ‘two’, kasi the status of the Global franchise for Avendano looks odd… But let’s see how this pans out.)

  6. He’s such a cutie. I think he can win a bigger pageant in the future if he wants to continue on.

    Congrats on making it to the top 10 and winning Best Body. It was USA to lose in the first place.

  7. Andre Cue is very photogenic with the requisite face and physique — those eyes alone are effortlessly fierce and arresting — but unfortunately height will always be might in male pageantry. His nerves were also quite noticeable with that tinge of awkwardness in his catwalk. Plus it is to his disadvantage that he was paired or would come out onstage right after the deserving winner USA who outshone him by being much taller with topnotch catwalk and communication skills. At any rate, Andre deserves to be commended for doing his best and making it to the Top 10. He is still young and quite a diamond in the rough with a promising future in the pageant world if he will continue to work at polishing and refining his perceived weaknesses.

  8. Off topic:
    Vogue Korea and Vogue Arabia have both featured Miss Earth 2022 in their articles.
    Apparently, Vogue and I have poor taste just like someone here has commented towards me when I defended Miss Earth against her senseless bashing.
    Last na to hahahahaha

  9. Caballero Universal 2022 Mister USA Kendall Jo

    Interesting Note: Kendall Jo -Represented California in Mister Supranational USA 2021 and he placed Second Runner-up

    First Runner-up Spain
    Second Runner-up India
    Third Runner-up Puerto Rico
    Fourth Runner-up Cuba

  10. Caballero Universal Top 10 Finalist

    Puerto Rico
    Dominican Republic
    United States

    • Interestingly, the host delegate was not included…? Who was Caballero Venezuela 2022?

      The 2nd Runner-up at this year’s MI was Orangel Dirindot, ‘Falcon’ of CV 2021. So, the franchisors are tying up with each other! Swap Andre for Orangel, ang nangyari. 🙂

      (But USA (winner) was from a Supra franchisee… Ever since Philippines took the Mister franchise, it has gone through 2 organizations & still we have not gone further than the Top 20. I wonder what has NOT yet been done, or what they’ve been missing. Could THIS organization teach us/them some vital strategy?)

      • The Venezuelan rep got injured shortly before the finals. He was in crutches. He showed up but just to give moral support to the candidates.

      • Mr. Blogger, ‘censya na’t ma-o-OT ako. Dito ko na, lang, kasi kayo nakita ulit of late. 🙂

        Maliban kina Justine (10th) at Hannah (13th), may hahabol pa, po, ba mago magpalit-taon?

        (I was expecting McLelland around this time… So, I guess next year na siya. ‘Pag patak, pala, ng Enero, we all will hit the ground running! May mga nakalinya na up to February. How’s our MUP?… Just under a month to go. Maybe a post, soon, as an update? Tyvm.)

    • On the contrary, he looks like a bunso among the other candidates. Bageto pa si Andrew fresh while the others look leathery and weary.

  11. Caballero Universal wanted to promote a talented male in the world of modeling and entertainment. Honestly, Andre Cue is what you see is what you get type of person. He is boyish looking, fresh and handsome compared to the other candidates. Height is might in modelling industry. Let me clear he is tall at 5′ 9″ compared to other Filipinos, but most of the time modeling agency are looking taller than 5’9″ male model for unknown reasons. He can be in entertainment industry if that is what Caballero Universal looking for. Anyway, Andre may the good man win and who knows you will be the first winner from the Philippines and Asia.

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