4 comments on “Mico Teng in his National Costume

  1. Actually, most pre-colonial warrior costumes we see on media are actually historicaly inncurate… Archeologists actually discovered greek inspired helmets possibly inspired by the Alexandrian era in Asia… and They wore leather armors that actually covered & protected the Torso where our vital organs are… The misconception has actually several sources but #1 is that Pigafetta under whorver’s command intentionaly portrayed us as primitive by makingbus look naked as possible with our warriors only wearing loin cloths(which is true on a normal day but not in battle)…

    Anyway his costume looks good in an aesthicaly apealing bordering on being a gogoboy kinda way. I love the beadwork… Very intricate.. I wish they went for something mythical instead of this… Like a glamourous version of the Bungisngis which is based on elephant skulls that our ancestors assumed to be cyclops… Category is sexy phalic one eyed monster..
    Back to this warrior costume… Does it look good? .. its ok.. Is it spectacularly imaginative and informative? Meh..😒

  2. Nice costume!! But would have loved a resplendent and detailed Golden & Bronzely-Gilded Salakot as his finale headpiece..or as a Cherry- on- top, no pun intended!! By the way,those Washboards are made for Grrrrinding!! OH LALAAAA!!

  3. What I appreciate the most about this national costume is the way Patrick Isorena seemlessly incorporated the Philippine pan de sal into the design. CHOUR!

    I don’t know anything about national costume except that MJ Lastimosa’s was a hot mess so imma shut up now.

    I’ll leave our resident national costume expert Closer2Fame to share his thoughts/insights on this nalang.

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