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  1. The time has come when everyone has “expert” opinions regarding the candidates.

    The countless assumptions, expectations, self declarations and predictions’ now saturating and overloading internet sites, blogs and media forums.

    Many of these “experts” will create their own buzz, regardless whether the information is purely
    aggregated by their over zealous and imaginative mind, or from unreliable sources and even spread gossip and fake news.

    Naysayers will continue to be bitching, bickering and seek attention for self gratification.
    Supporters will fight tooth and nail for their undying love and admiration of (their) candidates.

    People will continue to have these unsupported claims, and biases against these beauty training camps. People will post negative and positive feedback about the candidates, never minding whether
    their comments are of conduct unbecoming, of a decent human being.

    Many will manifest shallow understanding of the whole pageantry. The 3 week event will become a circus of nastiness, chivalry, strife and living hell. But no one will care, as they find superficial and of the moment, real time psychological pleasures.

    There will be disconnection among many factions, specially among Pinoy fans; they will not indulge in any logical or salient transparencies but rather take the rowdy holy moly embellishments of the whole Miss Universe fever.

    Verbal written fights will ensue in this blog of Tito Norms, and can’t do much about them.
    It’s somehow anticipated and an expected phenomenon, specially coming from this particular universe renowned pageant.

    Let’s enjoy this monumental undertaking by our lovely candidate Catriona and savor each wonderful minute of her participation but at the same time, be civil, courteous, sensitive and respectful of one another.

    Enough of negativity. You reap what you sow.

  2. How she was met and welcomed by the crowd in Thailand was just insane ! Whoa ! I have never seen an MU candidate create so much buzz and attention and the competition hasn’t even started yet ! Cat is definitely in it to win it ! All the best and God bless you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Huy!!!!! Kamusta kayo????

    Super faney ako ni Cat hehehe weeeeeeee. Hindi ako nag over think today na baka she’ll appear too sure of herself or baka nagmumuka syang trying hard as in since this morning inenjoy ko yung show na nag unfold. Ganon ka gaan ng loob ko pinapaood mga footages nya, nagrerepost ng photos nya. Alam nyo yun? Excited ako!
    Wala lang share ko lang hahaha at sumilip ako dito at MU season. Eeeeeeeeeee.

    Hi Sir Norman!

    P.S. Fashion!!! Ughhhhh! Sya pinaka paborito kong arrival outgit. Ang theatrical! Game na game. Kaya ako natuwa. Anthony Ramirez na custom top, Vida lim jewelry, loubs – yun yun eh benta sakin.

    P.P.S Medyo na disappoint lang ako sa iba pero gets ko naman baka pagod. Anyway so far nagagandahan ako Kay Puerto Rico, Ireland and Guam.


    • I love the comments on your IG..
      You could really see there how the Filipino fans are being so united and positive along with foreign fans…
      Best of luck to all of us for the upcoming days. 😀

  4. I guessed France in 2016, I guessed South Africa in 2017, this year I think it’s Brazil. Good luck Cat!

  5. She is a STAR, how she’s being embraced by the thai’s, latinos, and Most Filipinos yet 4 people here are still hating and full of bitterness…get over yourselves and support her journey. This for the Philippines❤️👑

  6. I am UBER scared for Cat
    I don’t know how she can concentrate on what’s impt .. with the hoopla around her
    If she fails to deliver , she and the fans will be crashed

    • Bahala kayong mag-ingay
      I’m not going to join the bandwagon declaring her MIss U 2018
      Let her do the work first !

    • Tiwala lang. Ika nga, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”.
      The very fact that Cat made it to the Miss Universe stage is already something to be really proud with.
      Wearing the Philippine sash for the second time is her biggest honor. Tiwala lang.

      • Ath , we all know making it into the MU stage is not enough ; our rep has to do well .
        Especially Cat.
        But I think she can handle the crowd well … just like Pacquiao.
        I’m just nervous for her

  7. That’s how you make an arrival at Miss Universe.

    Her and her team are really playing all the right cards. Even in Las Vegas our queens didn’t get that much buzz when they arrived into McCarran. And Pinoys in Vegas know how to support a MUP… Her team assemblying just the right about of boisterous Pinoys to let the Universe know the Queen has arrived is icing on the cake for Day 1 of her Pasavogue.

    Do you think media focused Miss Universe is going to ignore the momentum Cat has already started amongst the Pinoys, Thais, (soon to be Indos), and Latinos????

    From now until finals at Impact all eyes are going to be on her. She’d have it no other way. We have a queen who says “LOOK AT ME… I’M MISS UNIVERSE” with no hesitation, no apologies. No overthinking, no calculation. Just pure desire, ambition, and hunger. That last time we had someone like this was Venus Raj – and we know what Venusha unleashed.

    Cue the naysayers – hindi ko marinig kayo sa lakas ng cheers ng fans ni Cat!

      • These fans separately planned their trips to Suvarnabhumi for Cat. Most of them took leaves from work just to see her arrival. No staging here. Just pure admiration for our bet.

  8. They see me rollin’ they hatin’ Patrolli’n’ tryna catch me ridin’ – Chamillionnaire

    • HA!!! Love it.

      Glad to see all the fans come back to the cesspool this place became. Cat’s allure really can’t be denied.

  9. Jusko kaya naman pala 20 na luggage ang dala ni Thailand, puro pagkain pala ang dala. Hahahaha

  10. Hooray!
    I’m glad she and her team arrived, in Thailand, safe and sound.
    Let the MU18 experience begin.

  11. Catriona must really perform well since she needs to prove to everyone that she made the right decision to join another pageant after a top 5 placement at Miss World against the advice of no other than A&Q much more so that she left the beauty camp where she was affiliated with for a period of time to form her own team. Her confidence seems to he high up to the heavens to be able to do such things. This is one of the reasons why I doubt her so-called “humility”

    There was even a time when she unfollowed Pia and Jonas Gaffud and I heard through the grapevine about her line thrown to A&Q which was “Just watch”

    In case, she fails to win or even make it to top 10, she will be very very devastated considering the circumstances surrounding her joining another major pageant.

    This reminds me of MJs previous Instagram story where she captioned a photo of her jokingly saying she will join another pageant followed by a #ANONGPINAGLALABANKO

    • Jonas advised Catriona to join BBP next year, for they think she aint ready that time.

      But catriona insisted, still A&Q trained and supported her but halfway the BBP, she told the news she decided to be Independent. And have a new team behind her.

      Utang na Loob,.. yun lang, be grateful din sana sa mga taong nagmumukhang kawawa ngayon dahil hindi nagsasalita ukol sa issue. A&Q decided to just keep mum about catrionas ungratefulness.

      They were even photos where jonas and cat having a meeting before she passed her application form.

    • If Cat and A&Q is not saying anything about this issue bakit kailangan nyo magsalita for them? Spokesperson po ba kayo? Let them speak for themselves. For now ang kailangan natin ay makaisa at hayaan gawin ni Cat ang dapat nyang gawin to represent the Philippines well sa miss Universe 2018.

      • Totoo…

        Silent na sila, move on na sila, that was yesterday. Today is Day 2 of Miss Universe.

      • Tama! Epal kasi talaga yang EWANN na yan. Parang kasama sa A&Q! Kapal ng mukha, parating madaming alam. Hindi na lang tumahimik at magbasa kung wala namang totoong alam.

    • Let’s isolate her humility and her ambition. You can exactly have both. I guess Catriona just has that fire within her to do it, to just push. Imagine that leap of faith she took just even to convince herself to apply for BBP. Do you think she was not scared? For sure she was, but she seems to be that person who would rather try and fail than regret.

      Also learn how to see it in a business perspective, not an ‘utang na loob’ thing. If she does not get what she wants, she moves on to the next. It is that simple. Her risk taking is just top-notch. People who decided to back her are also investing on her. Should she succeed,then wow. If she fails, it’s a loss.

      Cat’s case is the perfect example of this bad attitude many of us have. Many want to cage her simply because she already achieved something. “O,top 5 ka na ok na yan.”

      Ganyan ba yan? Let us not even start with girls who are passport hopping just to get a sash. Super duper proud Filipino today, pero pag hindi pinagpala,doon naman sa USA magtrtry. It is just a different circumstance, but the dream is the same.

    • Is this issue even relevant!! She is already in Thailand competing for the Philippines! Just give her all your support. Win or lose she took a chance on competing again. She will not disappoint anybody. It’s not all the time that we send a candidate who is as outstanding as Catriona.

      • @Mikama: kaya nga nagulat ako sa mga pinagsasabi ng iba dito. she is already there. can’t we just all admire that we have a candidate that is doing her best? let us not judge her for what she was 2 years ago. we dwell in the past too much.

      • Why don’t you just support Catriona? Ang mahirap kasi sa ibang mga bakla dito, may masabi lang na ka-dramahan, maka-eksena lang, makapag-marunong lang, magbubuga ng kung anu-anong kadramahan. Akala mo naman kung mga sinong napaka-huwaran ng mga baklang ito.

      • Gumagawa gawa pa kasi ng isyu mga yan! For what? With what we observe between ERWANN at yong mga nagsasaya at proud kay Cat, obviously something is really wrong with the way how EWAN processes his thoughts or possibly sa ugali nya mismo.

  12. Whatever naysayer are sayin
    Wahatever happens..
    I believe that there is no other candidate more desserving of the crown than Catriona Gray

    My current Top 15 in random order:

    South Africa

    Puerto Rico

    Costa Rica

    Dark Horses:
    Great Brittain

  13. She’s so ready and definitely strong. I agree with the last comment though hinay-hinay lang. As the past representatives said “know when to peak”… it is scary that if she does not win she’ll cry again on TV and the other trolls would feast on her mishap.. guard your heart a bit Catriona and hinay-hinay lang so your beauty won’t come off assuming.

  14. NAkakatakot dahil sa karamihan ng pinoy ay sobrang confident at ang yayabang na sa social media na Philippines ang sure winner na baka eventually pag hindi naging Miss Universe si Cat ay pagtawanan tayo ng buong mundo. Hindi ba pwedeng maging humble ng kunti hindi yung sobrang wild.

  15. Hear ye hear ye…the Queen has arrived! Even the constellation of stars in the universe has shone so bright, signifiying that she really is the Queen!

  16. Wow! Miss Universe fever is on for Thais who support Catriona in the pageant. Imagine, Cat’s fame is contagious, in that it even formed a fan base in the now Miss Universe-crazy country Thailand.

    I love how Cat is being noticed in the airport. It is but natural for the fans to cheer the adorable beauty queen who has finally landed in the Land of The Free. I feel Cat’s synergy because of the outpouring support of the Thai-based fans.

    I can’t wait for the official kick off of the prestigious pageant. Ngayon pa lang, ramdam ko na ang kakaibang saya.

    Catriona, oh my Catriona! May all the brightest stars shine upon you and on the day of the pageant align them all and conspire, so you’d be bestowed the most coveted title on the pageantlandia — MISS UNIVERSE!!!

    May Miss World pa ba? Kaloka.

    That’s all!

  17. Mukhang pagod na si Cat. For sure halos walang tulog yan. Pero I know she also draws her drive to go on and do well from the overwhelming support she receives! Keep your eyes on the prize!

    • Top 16


      Asia and Oceania
      South Africa

      Great Britain


  18. Lahat daw ng beauty queen na nag guest sa GGV nanalo o at least nag place. Pwes si Cat ang mag papatunay na di kailangan ng exposure sa show na yan para manalo. Cat will sure cut that nonsense superstition and besides gagatasan lng nmn sya ng show na yan in terms of ratings. Baka lalo lumaki ang ulo ng host at sabihing bertud nnmn nya ang magpapanalo sa kanya.

    Anyways we should also thank the Thai fans for their warm support to Cat. Kob-kun ka! I feel bad for Miss Guam though 😦

  19. napakabuting tao ni Catriona
    kitang kita mo dito sa video na ito
    at sa lahat ng videos niya

    she deserves all our support

    Catriona is MU18

  20. We Filipinos need to BEHAVE. Pinagtatawanan tayo, kita nyo yung mga boys na nagdala ng luggage. tawa siya ng tawa. Kakahiya! Bakit kelangan sugudin si Cat?

    Kaya pala super higpit ng MIss Universe sa Pilipinas, 1sang canditate may 10 na pulis ang escort, kasi we Pinoys dont believe in Personal Space.


    • thais are also crazy fans. iba ang pinagtatawanan sa natatawa. kasi ako, natatawa din ako sa support na natanggap ni cat kanina, pero hindi ibig sabihin nun, pinagtatawanan ko yung mga baliwag na thai at pinoy fans.

    • Bakit, kapag dinudumog ng mga Kano ang mga world class singers/artists behave sila at hindi nakakahiya? Cat is a STAR, kaya ganyan ang mga supporters sa kanya.

  21. May nanalo na. Winner pati fans from here to Bangkok 😉

    Sigurado pagod na si Cat kasi ang aga nyang gumising kanina tapos sa pag accommodate pa sa fans. Sana makapag rest sya na maayos tonight 😉

    Goodluck and god bless 😉

  22. May nanalo na. Winner pati fans from here to Bangkok 😉

    Sigurado pagod na si Cat kasi ang aga nyang gumising kanina tapos sa pag accommodate pa sa fans. Sana makapag rest sya na maayos tonight 😉

    Goodluck and god bless 😉

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