5 comments on “Pageantry Norms S6E3: #InspireYou & Me Part 2

  1. Gud Tue AM, Uncle.

    We need to see IN ONE EPISODE Sanglay, Rabe, Vendiola, Nunez, and Dolera*.

    (Krizalleen Valencia, too. There’s a Noreen Mangawit x Nina Soriano thing going on with her.)

    Por favor, huwag na po kayo mag-feature ng front-runner hereon. The next three episodes just before the Finale on the 25th, lubusin niyo na! 😦

    * – We have to spot/locate who among them could potentially inherit the vacancies left by Piczon, Tajaran, and Pangindian.

    • (Cont.)

      Ta’s, sabi niyo may ‘all-boys’ episode ulit. Siguro towards the end na ‘yan, kasi tutok tayo sa MUP…

      I have a question.

      Between Richard Marx and Jon Bon Jovi, whom would you send to World and Supranational? Kung gusto niyo, just give your reason AFTER that episode.

      Or, would you send them to the same pageant? Kasi, one is American and the other is Canadian.

  2. Hipolito’s voice, diction, and train of thoughts are really good.
    Here is my latest ranking after watching this episode:
    MUP: Dimaranan
    First runner up: Hipolito
    2nd runner-up: Aberrasturri
    3rd runner-up: Velasquez
    4th runner-up: Wrobblewitz
    I would relegate Umali into 6th place

  3. Odd questions. Re disqualification and meeting people’s expectations. Why? Things are what they are. And you do what you have to do. Ba’t kailangan’g ipaliwanag?

    Nephews ni Leren? Daddy na si koya RM?

    (Sa San Pablo City pala nag-shoot ng ‘Legal Wives’… ‘Yun’g Lanao Lake scenes?)

    ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ video ang last challenge before the 30-Cut? I wonder what Mirj can share that Cole (Silvernale) hasn’t already shown? I can hardly wait… 🙂

    When is a woman phenomenal? When her reputation precedes her. And if I may add, some foreign friends of mine in the past are amazed how in the Philippines so many women are in positions of leadership, from Department Heads in academe and industry, and as politicians. We rule!

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