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  1. My current Top 15

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Beautrice Luigi Gomez
    Maria Corazon Abalos

    Leren Bautista
    Jasmine Umali
    Ingrid Santamaria
    Kirsten Delavin
    Victoria Velasquez Vincent

    Christine Abella
    Ayn Bernos
    Princess Singh
    Janela Joy Cuaton
    Kesha Ramachandran

    IMO, This is like the most diverse MUph edition ever…if only Chelsea Manalo joined this year, we would have had a token black girl in the Top 15 to complete all races..


    Para makita kung mag-a-attitude ang mga ‘wala diyan’.


    (Politics and perceived rigging notwithstanding, which is true every time anyway, said that Fil-Am vlogger na lagi’ng naka-black jacket/coat.)


  3. So it’s VVV who won the interview challenge. I still don’t get it why she won. When she speaks, she doesn’t have that spark, that grit and burning desire. Glad that she speaks fluently. Still lacking depth, substance, and personal experiences to make her answers more effective and impactful.
    Rabiya won over Michelle G because Rabiya speaks with conviction, from her heart and most can relate to her. She may not be as fluent as Michelle G but when she speaks, she has something that we need to listen.

    • Rabiya speaks like she is debating all the time. It’s annoying. Speaking in interviews is speaking in your natural voice with your natural mannerisms. VVV got it.

        WAG KAMI UY!!!

  4. Isabelle De Los Santos is very interesting, personality-wise. She’s very natural and spontaneous. Her pasarela needs work. But her attitude and relatability is something the other “hulmado” candidates could emulate. Many aspirants need to expand their pageant vocabulary beyond the trademark “platform”, “advocacy”, “inspiration” and the likes. Ticking all the pageant boxes sometimes makes a candidate less interesting, more like a cardboard cutout of sorts. 💐👑🕊️

    • but of course before one breaks the mold, one should also learn to fit in the mold first.

      For example, I learned from the father of a recent Miss International winner that in spite of all her very specific training, she revised almost everything to her liking, especially the final speech she delivered. She felt that her image and philosophy were more authentically delivered in this way. And, of course, we all know she won.

      The likes of Cat, Pia first went through the rigors of training through Boy Abunda and the BPCI consultants. But like most successful pageant contestants, they were able to break out off the mold of recent years. They successfully built on the image of an MU winner. 💐👑🕊️

    • but of course before one breaks the mold, one should also learn to fit in the mold first.

      For example, I learned from the father of a recent Miss International winner that in spite of all her very specific training, she revised almost everything to her liking, especially the final speech she delivered. She felt that her image and philosophy were more authentically delivered in this way. And, of course, we all know she won.

      The likes of Cat, Pia first went through the rigors of training through Boy Abunda and the BPCI consultants. But like most successful pageant contestants, they were able to break out off the mold of recent years. They successfully built on the image of an MU winner. 🕊️👑💐

      • @ jmgonzalesme That’s either Adie Verzosa or ‘Mr. Liliana’. 🙂

        Isabelle de los Santos is a Human Resources person. She probably interviews for a living. And she eloquently demonstrates how to ace that job application!

      • @Flor_Tula, oh you mean Ari or Eddie? … I saw an earlier interview of Issa/HR ✌🏻 and she was kinda goofy and less prepared, but still somewhat admirable with her spontaneity.

      • @ Jmgonzalesme Just from what I saw in this Challenge, I’d hire Issa. 🙂

        When all this began, I wanted a goofy ‘smarty-pants’ type in the Final 5 to continue the ‘legacy’ of Hakenson. Thanks to that Interview 7, MUP-Makati City 2021 may just be that…

        Basta swak siya sa Swim! Kahit sablay sa pasarela, anyway ‘di naman sasabak sa Eilat/Eliat (?).

        I now feel some degree of confidence to attempt a Premature 15. Let me finalize; I’ll share later. 🙂

      • @Flor_Tula. … Oh yes, you mentioned Billie 😘 a good find, very relatable, on the side of eloquent, so goofy yet easily aligns with the org’s objectives. A real person, she seems easy and fun to work with. Issa is like a TV host, she talks through the screen.

        Got it on the pasarela – I don’t think MU would also be going for too much flash, or it will clash with the image of another pageant (i.e. twirls, swirls and hurls🤢)

  5. VVV is so elegant . She Should win MUP if not Katrina Dimaranan
    My 3rd choice is Steffi
    Then Leren and Bea

  6. Here is my latest ranking:
    MUP: Dimaranan
    First runner up: Hipolito
    2nd runner-up: Aberasturi
    3rd runner-up: Vincent
    4th runner up: Wrobblewitz
    Top 15: in random order:
    Umali, Santamaria, Bernos, Abalos, Delavin, Bautista, Gomez, Ramanchandran, Cuaton, and Delos Santos

    • Reasons for my choice:
      1. Dimaranan: complete package, pageant veteran with first runner up placement at Miss Supranational. MU-ready.
      2. Hipolito: almost complete package, gives profound answers, tends to overperform when doing pasarela
      3. Aberasturi: prettiest in the batch, her weakness is Q and A because she tends to give superficial answers
      4. Vincent: very good in q and a, my concern are her shoulders which are markedly elevated, her disadvantage is her lack of pageant experience.
      5.Wrobblewitz: “jack of all trades but master of none”
      All these girls are worthy of MUP crown. I believe they can represent our country well at MU given adequate preparation. But there is only 1 MUP crown and I have to choose the girl who i believe is ready anytime for the competetion.

  7. what’s more important ( 1/2 to 2/3 more important ) are their stage presentations ; almost all of these categories , except for the Q&A , are weightless in MU … if they score high here but they walk like Belgium in Supranational 2021 ( I was so disappointed with her ; as if she did not really want to win ) , they will end up backstage clappers …

    • yup people would love on how your appeal and charisma (without talking) strike at first sight… still rooting for steffi and bea luigi, they are charismatic and have universal appeal, they talk with sense as well.❤️

  8. Salamat naman at natapos na QnA,

    Eto na lang ang hinihintay ko para makapili!

    Unfortunately, After watching the Runway challenge and QnA Challenge, I was able to come up with 3 ladies only,

    Ingrid Santamaria
    Jasmine Umali
    Megan Roa Digal

    Any of them is fine with me as Miss Universe Philippines!

    Ingrid came very very strong with the interview! It’s like something that is inherent with her! Hindi na kailangan i-polish! The pasarela still needs fine tuning pero madali na yon! Ipa-duck walk mo lang yan ng isang lingo tignan ko kundi maging perfect ang stride niyan!

    Jasmine can convey well but her she’s allowing her nervousness to subdue her! If she can learn how to relax, then she can get the crown! Her pasarela is perfect for me!

    Megan Roa Digal is the embodiment of a Perfect Filipina not to mention the gorgeous body and the perfect tan color! Very good in the interview also but the pasarela also need fine tuning!

    I’ll keep an eye on you girls!

    • Has anyone check Miss Mexico and Miss Venezuela winners who are joining the 70th Miss Universe Pageant? I think it is best to start comparing how MUP candidates can compete just looking at these 2 women. Both are tall, educated accomplished women. They are so beautiful and stunning that’s when you can say they have the IT factor to be a strong candidate for Miss Universe. The MUPO needs someone who is more or can be at the same level (not by height) of these women standing next to each other. The fans should focus on supporting the right MUP candidate that has the whole package: Did anyone forgot how elegant Miss Peru last year and didn’t win? Or Miss Puerto Rico’s gown was one of the best and the walk, good gracious. Remind yourself on how Catriona Gray walked on her evening gown competition, it’s not a runway walk even the swimsuit was flawless. I was rooting for Miss Peru, but Miss Mexico won it. If you think your favorite candidate is better than the 2 women for now some are still not even done with their own pageant yet. Put their pictures side by side and see for yourself. Is our candidate more beautiful or better, take a look again. My 2 cents when you join MUP to prove you can make a difference is ok but joining MUP to win it all there is your winner. Remember these Latina candidates are now speaking fluently in English soon they don’t need interpreter anymore. I love and proud of Filipino designers but please can we stay away from long trains or wrapped like a toilet paper hanging around the candidate? Simplicity is beauty. Miss Mexico didn’t overdressed herself and she won. Too many pictorials instead of focusing on how to prepare for the competition. And MUPO should hire a PR and communication coordinator to make sure our MUP candidate will not be posting any in social media before or during competition anything that might backfire. Also why there was no dress rehearsal of the National Costume? It was a mess! Costume designers should also think how much weight can the candidate carry with grace and smile. Practice, practice makes it perfect. This is just old saying. Nothing new. Apologies to Miss Claire, I got carried away though, sorry! My comments went sidetrack off to other topics.

      • @ Jimlen I agree with you on the need to do away with unnecessary~frivolous fabric on the gowns. These can get caught on objects (electric fan, for example) as you move around.

        Trains, ribbons, and ‘panels’ can be an all-too-convenient way to conceal shoddy tailoring, too.

        In fact, there is a school of thought going around calling for ‘more sexy’ – more skin-baring designs. And before we immediately ape the lava dress with its HIGH slit (or at least for popularizing it), let’s ask our designers to stretch their skill to uncharted sartorial territory by not limiting options to clingy silhouettes.

  9. This is my current top 5, but I’m considering Katrina Dimaranan to replace Gomez.

    It’s going to be an entirely different game once the girls are in a bubble na, standing next to each other, seeing how their natural faces are with natural lighting, etc. I’m expecting the veterans and the tall and lean ones to stand out.

    I’m excited to see whether Ramachandran is actually lean, and only looks bulky in solo photos. Same with Dimaranan. I also would like to see Singh outshine the rest with face value alone, I just don’t know how tall she is. Abalos and Wroblewitz, I worry a little that they might drown next to the taller ones. Santa Maria, I have a feeling, is actually stunning in person. Vincent is 5’9 and lean and classy so she’ll surely deliver. Aberasturi, we’ll finally know her real height LOL. Umali, I’m also excited about, I’m sure she’ll look like a goddess amongst mortal maidens. I’d like to be surprised by the unhyped girls especially Rabe and that one other fair skinned girl with round eyes.

    Not bashing this time, but I’m looking forward to Delavin and Emoji girl (don’t hate me, I just don’t remember the name, I think she’s adorable) bonding and just enjoying the contest.

    This is going to be like last year’s bubble, right? Suggestion lang for next edition, MUPh, in case we’re still in lockdown, consider producing a reality show na lang talaga. Partner with GMA or ABS (if they have franchise na by then) idk. People are bored. They are going to watch it on TV. You’ve practically thrown traditions and class out the window na rin naman, might as well go mainstream and masa all the way. You’ll make money, make pageantry relatable, and make money. Just be sure you choose the rightful winner, us pageant fans will let you do whatever for money as long as you produce a good winner, like you did here in the challenge winners.

    • I’m probably in the minority here but Leren never looked MUPhilippines material to me. She’s beautiful but she lacks the charisma and marketability IMG seems to be looking for.

      • Hahaha! Yung pakiramdam na kahit anong itanong mo sa kanya parang magcho-choke lagi si ate girl sa sagot niya. May ganung awra na siya. She is still beautiful but definitely NOT Phenomenal.

    • She did not loose momentum. Q&A is just not her forte as a candidate. Pang rampahan talaga siya magaling. Unfortunately, spokesperson ang hinahanap kaya nalunod si girl. Obvious na obvious yung nerves niya pag nagsasalita plus walag laman talaga ang utak ni girl. Magmodel nlng siya.

      • @ Norman Good Mon AM, King of Titos.

        (I disagree with those who say Leren has lost momentum. Quite the opposite, it is clear she is ‘solid’ now. Before, she only ever said that she was bullied in her youth. Now, she talks of embracing your flaws. In my book, that is progression.)

        (Plus, the fact that she already has a TVC in her belt – the Myra Vitamin E endorsement. Who else in this batch has that marketability to boast of? That’s why I said how important the ‘sponsor say’ will be.)

        (My enduring memory of the Los Banos lass was your article of Nationals hopefuls that included her. Kneeling in the surf, the sun in her face, sans make-up, she was the dawn of creation again.)

  10. So, means 27 less (these) 5 is 22 more…?… Ginawa’ng qualifier/fast track. Or, pinalabas na lang!

    Fan vote 3 is Kirsten, Rousanne, and… Kamille Quinola of Ilocos Sur?

    Uncle Tinio, sa inyo ko nalaman na MECQ hanggang 7 Sept. Bigla’ng it dawns on you. YIKES! Malapit na… Could you request Boss Volter to put out a Calendar of Activities, po? Tyvmia.

  11. Thanks to goodness, the two undeserving are not among the challenge final winners. They were just used by the organization for their huge followers on social media. At the end of the day, real beauty prevails not because of that inclusivity brouhaha.

    • And now, KD’s fans are bashing Bea Gomez because she’s not even part of the Top 15 in fanvotes and yet she won for the panelists. I’m confused kung anong part sa panelists’ choice si Bea yung hindi nila nagets.

  12. If these girls are gonna be the Top 5 in the MUP finals, then I won’t see any problem with that at all.

    The moment I saw Maria Corazon Abalos’ headshot (not the one above), I thought this girl has something. I found her photo stunning and full of x-factor. And when her official headshot (above) came out, I started to believe that she can win the MUP crown. Corrine may not be tall, but she stands tall. She is well-proportioned. She is getting more and more beautiful as the pageant proper nears. She is a muse every fashion designer would love to dress. Elegant. Sophisticated. Filipina.

    Bea Luigi Gomez is underrated. Her being a proud member of LGBTQI+ doesn’t sit well with a few, but I believe she can rock the MUP stage. Her remarkable strong features give her an advantage. She also looks unaltered, making her a refreshing vibe to some pageant enthusiasts.

    Pageant veteran Steffi Rose Aberasturi is another one to beat alongside Katrina Dimaranan. However, her pageant experience might also give her downsides. Expectators would want to see more from her, and that adds pressure to her journey. There is also tendency that her style would be pageant patty. And… I fear that lacking of “a” in her two names would not make her the luckiest girl on the coronation night.

    Determination. That’s one thing I feel Maureen needs to have. I thought she just joined MUP because showbiz isn’t yet in full swing since the pandemic began and after Congress denied ABS-CBN a legislative franchise.

    VVV. This girl looks determined, but, I say it again, she needs to be Filipinized.

    That’s all.

    • Leren obviously did not do well during Q&A. Kung may zero na score baka nabigay na sa kanya. The girl obviously is lacking SOOOO MUCH in this department. Sayang ang ganda niya p nmn kaso wala talagang utak si girl. Sa mga supporters niya dito. Sorry po.

  13. Potential top 5! with out knowing their overall scores. These girls are obviously still in the game. sure top 30 na. sir @normant saan po kaya ang venue ng mup? whats on your mind?

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