9 comments on “Pauline Amelinckx: All aboard the Yellow Boat of Hope!

  1. She is pretty. I also love her advocacy. She is one of the strong contenders for the crown. She just have to lose weight a little.

  2. While Michele has great comm skills . , her cool chick vibe will not get her anywhere at MU. Dapat magaling sa aurahan at drama.

  3. If theres someone i like to play cats role in mmk. thats her. pauline. i can see some parts of cat personality to this lady. but i just wish nag bbp muna ito. the mio and the japs panelist will surely like and love her. to her. we can get our new Miss International. but i see good chances for her in MU.

  4. Dapat kasi by August mag-crown na si JG ng MUP para yung MATALO may chance PA to JOIN ALV’S MWP. Ipagpalagay natin na ang manalong 2020 MUP ay si Michelle Gumabao, so ang mga matalo ganito ang gagawin ninyo:

    YSABELLA YSMAEL – To MWP, excellent to be the Miss World Philippines 2020;
    PAULA ORTEGA – To MWP, best suited for Reina Hispano Filipinas (Americana) 2020;
    PAULINE AMELINCKX – To MWP, very, very good for Miss Eco Philippines (International) 2020;
    RABIYA MATEO – To MWP, most appropriate for Miss Multinational 2020;

    TRACY MAUREEN PEREZ – To Mutya Pilipinas, very good for Miss Asia Pacific Int’l. 2020;
    ALAIZA MALINAO – To Bb. Pilipinas NEXT YEAR;
    ISABEL GALERIA, APRIEL SMITH, BILLE HAKENSON & NICOLE STA. MARIA – To Mutya Pilipinas for the 2 Top Model Titles (Request Cory Quirino to raise the age limit to 28); and

    OTHERS: JOIN other NATIONAL & REGIONAL PAGEANTS this year and/or compete in Binibini, MWP and MPE NEXT YEAR.

    • @ paul Return to the Rabiya Mateo post. Refer to my reply to @ Pierro Rocco

      MIlo(2x) organization already has a representative for MWP 2020.

      JG holds the Filipinas franchise for Supermodel International (Thai-based). He can appoint one of your four models….

      Whether or not Mdme. CQ can elevate the age ceiling on her modelling titles will depend on the respective organizations, WTM (Italy-based?) and TMotW (Egypt-based?).

      I suggest you watch the FB Live chat with Tyra Goldman at the Mutya page later today. 🙂

  5. She’s a potential winner given her good comm skills and ‘light’ personality . It is of note than Pauline’s written English is a lot better than Billie.’s

    • @ Fabian Reyes Hakkenson of Cavite? WRITTEN English?

      You said Pauline looks plain. 🙂

      Your MUP 2020 is Bella, with Alaiza & Apriel as alternatives.

      Potential winner? How would she stack up against Patch and Hannah for a hypothetical MUP 2021 three-way crown tussle?

      Or, do you want Pauline to NOT WIN YET and (just) resurface for MUP 2022-3-4…?

      • Flor , do you remember Billie’s note a few articles ago? Compare it to above and you’ll find that the difference is stark.
        Pauline is really pretty but needs help on styling . She speaks well and if she stands out at Q&A , I don’t see why she can’t win MUP .
        For now , however, Bella Alaiza and Apriel have the strongest presentation on stage . Any of them can at least make top 5 at MU.Bella’s excellent comm skills make her our best chance to win MU.

      • Billie He’s diction is really good based on her Beyond the Coastlines

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