12 comments on “Rabiya Mateo channels her Indian side

  1. She can be sent tp Miss World knowing that Lola Julia loves her curry!!!!

    • @ 4M Look at my comment below to @ Pierro Rocco.

      MIlo(2x) organization will send Ann Roxal Dedel Palmares, who won Miss Iloilo, to MWP.


  2. I wish she will promote Iloilo and Philippines more rather than India.

  3. Rabiya said: “NAMASTÈ. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to know my Dad growing up but it has always been my dream to visit their country and experience the Indian culture, tradition and food. As my favorite Miss Universe once said, ‘India is the country where love is the essence of life.'”

    ALV Rabiya is the MOST APPROPRIATE REPRESENTATIVE to Miss Multinational in India. Pag hindi ka manalo sa MUP, go na kay ALV sa MWP and (respectfully) request HIM to send you to the said pageant. Maganda ang iyong NATIONAL costume ay AMALGAM ng FILIPINO & INDIAN cultural elements & identities. Kag, of course, may ara man representation ang aton nga Ilonggo culture.

    • @ Pierro Rocco Miss Iloilo 2020 Final.

      MIlo(2x) – World > Ann Roxal Dedel Palmares.
      MIlo(2x) – Universe > Rabiya Occena Mateo
      MIlo(2x) – BBP > Karen Laurrie Bano Mendoza
      1st RU – Keshapornam Empedrad Ramachandran
      2nd RU – Sharamie Apuli Solocio


  4. kamukha nya yung train guard dito sa abroad

    walang pageant

    unahin nyo ayusin mga ayuda

    if may vaccine na cge kaso bago oa makarating sa Pinas

    pandemia na

  5. It would mean SO MUCH to the MIlo(2x) organization if both reps they sent to Manila finish well.

    Thus, I call for Rabiya & Karen Laurrie to finish 2nd & 1st RU at their respective assignments.

    Iloilo province, and Iloilo City in particular, is awash in pride nowadays. With a spanking new airport that can take international flights and an infrastructure facelift that made it look like Manila at the turn of the 20th Century – leafy wide promenades, tidy well-lit avenues, buildings revived with a fresh coat of either paint or stucco – and a Mayor who has his constituents’ best interests in mind, it is not without reason why I previously called for a joint-hosting of a future MU edition by Central Visayas. which comprises Panay, NIR, Bohol, & of course not the least Cebu. 🙂

  6. Bella for MUP
    Alaiza and Apriel are my alternatives because they have great stage presence .

  7. Her comm skills do not compare to either Bella or Michelle
    But I think she can deliver at Q&A

    • Michele needs to work on her body and stage presence . The cool girl vibe does not work for me
      Paula needs to improve on her English . Maybe she can speak Spanish on MU stage . But first of all, she has to win MUP and she won’t if she speaks English that way.
      Pauline’s face is not remarkable . Fabian

    • Those girls are extremely articulate … and Rubiya is bot
      She won’t get past semi if she joins Miss India

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