10 comments on “Monica Moran Floirendo: the Miss Universe daughter is a woman of her own

  1. Oh! Not all daughters are as adventurous as their beauty queen mothers. She can actually be transformed but I guess it’s too late for that now. 😉

  2. Pretty woman. Don’t have the prominent features of her mom, but hers is a softer one.

  3. She is pretty but not as beautiful as her mom… Plus, for some reason she and her sister were not as tall as their mother…. I remember seeing her with Margie and her sister and it was unfortunate that they were not as beautiful as Margie as young girls ( they were a bit on the heavy side)… Don’t get me wrong… They are all beautiful but it’s like the almost a tragedy to have a mother as beautiful as Margie

    Anyway- at 26… This girl is looking really pretty… Not a beauty queen material but still hot

  4. beauty, brains, pedigree, privilege…I’d be shocked if she had any aspirations at all to be a beauty queen because she probably doesn’t need one!

  5. Kung kami ni Mareng Janine ay maglalaing at magdadaing, ang mag-ina namang ito ay magsasaging.
    Oh see, ang kayamanan talaga ay nasa inang kalikasan.
    Gusto kong makipag-merge kina Mareng Margie.
    Ninang Norms, how can I contact them?
    I want to have an appointment with them to discuss a power point presentation kung paano namin ginagawa ni Mareng Janine ang world class daing at laing.
    Gusto kong gumawa ng recipe mula sa saging,yung pang universe ang lasa.
    Ang Saging ni Moran.

  6. I was fortunate enough to have met Margarita Moran face to face at a private function in Manila 10 years ago and I remember her beautiful face, the flawless complexion, the regal bearing and her perfect posture. But more than her physical beauty, this beauty queen has given back so much to the community quietly and with dignity, away from the spotlight, which is so characteristic of her personality. In addition to raising her daughters, managing a pearl farm and a banana plantation, her contributions to civic projects are laudable and has touched many lives in the process. These include initiatives to preserve traditional ethnic arts in the Davao region and spearheading various charities for underprivileged children, supporting subsidized education and housing programs for the very poor. She’s also raised the awareness on women’s rights in Mindanao as well as the preservation of the region’s cultural heritage. She is a member of the board of trustees for an environmental and wildlife advocacy group. She’s been awarded honorary royalty titles by Mindanao sultanates because of her dedicated service to the region. And the list goes on. Here is a beauty queen who definitely did not squander her Miss Universe title selfishly, and instead put it to good use by using her status as a jumping board for all these worthy causes that have been close to her heart in the past 4 decades since she won her international title. Margie epitomizes the adage “What truly matters is what you do after you win the title.” She is a living example of that ideal. A beauty queen like Margarita is like a rare pearl who may come once in a generation. And we are all so lucky to have her.

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