6 comments on “Miss Bikini Philippines 2019 Official Candidates

  1. BAD idea, imo, that the Black One joined. If the LOCAL calendar girl trend is followed, her darker-than-most complexion will not be pleasing to both sponsors and (male) consumers. She will clap here.

    She needs to take it easy. She is still young. An international win ABROAD will be her destiny.

    As for my selection, I am gravitating towards THE 3T’s – Tarrayo, Tamondong, & Tampon (hihihih).

    Cabahug and Enriquez (any relation to Mike Enriquez of GMA-7?) complete my TOUGH CINCO.

    Phuong Khanh Nguyen is now represented by the organizer of this pageant. Will she also have a sultry calendar shoot and same calendar (also) be promoted back (home) in Vietnam? 🙂

  2. Seriously what is the purpose of this pageant. I don’t see anything at all, maybe another pageant that gives false hopes for those beautiful ladies who are seeking and hoping for a better life. It seems Philippines is like a factory of beauty pageants. Filipinos never run out of ideas of organizing a beauty pageant. What will be the next? Who knows?

  3. Louise Theunis appears to have a bikini bottom malfunction. Her “business” is almost showing.

    Marie Camille Llorent’s bikini bottom appears too big and loose.

    Interesting bunch. Good luck to all.

  4. kumpleto na pala ang batch papuntang HongKong

    good luck ladies pakabait kayo duon para maextend contract nyo

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