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  1. Bale, ito ang mga national male pageants ng Pilipinas at ang kanilang pageant franchise.

    Mister Philippines
    ** Men Universe Model

    Misters of Pilipinas
    ** Mister International
    ** Man of the Year
    ** Manhunt International

    Gentlemen of the Philippines
    ** Mister Model International (former PEPPS)
    ** Mister Universal Ambassador (former United Continents Philippines)
    ** Mister Worldwide
    ** Mister Tourism World
    ** Mister Tourism International (former PEPPS)
    ** Mister Global (former PEPPS) ???

    Mister United Continent Philippines
    ** Mister United Continents
    ** Mr. Real Universe
    ** Mr. Global International

  2. I think male pageants is getting the buzz lately. Unfortunately, something happen with Pepps that didn’t work, I wish they would just lay down the cards of what really happened. its weird cuz i get excited when there’s a post here about male pageant aside from the obvious reason. Sayang talaga with Pepps. I read somewhere about one the winners is gay and is in relationship with one of the contestants who didn’t place. so much drama and did I mention this is male pageantry. I mean when Mister International was held here last year. I even bought some of the clothes the reps wore esp hottie Rein’s cuz the clothes look so edgy. Speaking of Rein, Tito Norms, u went with Rein to Bali. Im so jealous!

  3. Hi Norman, is there a local franchise available for Gentlemen of the Philippines? I’m from the province of Sorsogon and would like to hold a local pageant and whoever wins will have the right to participate in a national pageant. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank for your time.

    • Hi Norman, is there a local franchise available for Gentlemen of the Philippines? I’m from the province of Sorsogon and would like to hold a local pageant and whoever wins will have the right to participate in the national pageant. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  4. Candidly speaking Im not a fan of this pageantry of men in the Philippines. Why kasi puro mga pangit yung mga nananalo. Sayang lang pag nilaban sa ibang bansa puro clapper din. Ang magandang gawin nila eh magtanin ng puno sa Pinas . Mas maganda pa yang advocay na yan.

  5. Sir norms, what happened to pepps? And what aboutbtheir contracts with pepps?

  6. ano ba talagang nangyari? nagkaroon ba sila ng bagong appointed title dahil nagresign sa kabila? lalaban ba sila uli sa international?

    • Rein Villareal and Rick Palencia are Honorary Gentlemen and were not given new titles anymore. The former resigned as per advise of his lawyer and due to reasons I could no longer talk about to avoid any further misinterpretations.

      Rein already competed during Mister International 2015 so he won’t be fielded in another male pageant anymore. But Rick, who won’t be able to compete in Mister Global after PEPPs lost the franchise, is being groomed for his own assignment within the year.

      In the case of Willan Pagayon and Arcel Yambing, they are not under contract with PEPPs owing to the fact that their respective titles are franchised by Precious Anne Medina who now heads Gentlemen of the Philippines.

  7. I am still wondering why do Gentlemen of the Philippines needs to separate from Misters of the Philippines . The sad part was most of the winners Misters of the Philippines had to resign and now claiming they are belongs to Gentlemen of the Philippines. Ano ba ang Gentleman of the Philippines isa ba itong modeling agency o isang bagong organization para sa patimpalak panlalaki? Hindi ba mas maganda yung mananalo ngayon 2016 doon ka magsisimula. Paano mo sasahinin ilulunsad bagong patimpalak na naman at puro lumang mukha ang nakikita. Ang gulo hindi pa nga nagsisimula ang patimpalak ang daming hindi malinaw. Nagtatanong lamang po.

    • Gentlemen of the Philippines is a different competition. I can no longer answer about the personal reasons of last year’s Misters 2015 winners (five of them including runner-up Kevin Fichera) for resigning so as not to fan the flames of controversy anymore. There are contract-related and franchise-linked concerns in the mix.

      The management of Gentlemen of the Philippines wants only what is best for Rein, Rick, Arcel, Willan and Kevin, career-wise and all. Without tying them down to an exclusive contract, that is. Male pageants do not enjoy the same popularity compared to their female counterparts so it is best to consider all career-building opportunities available. Limiting their public reach would not be advisable since options are not as wide and varied yet.

      • Thank you sir norms for clarfying some matters..it just reminds me of what pepps claim to stand for when it organized a year back – that is to elevate male pageantry and break away from the ‘negative undertones’ it was known for. .and now, here they are embroiled in some controversy..i wonder if Ginoong Pilipinas is still alive..

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