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  1. Pansinin nyo pag indo ang nasa pic ng ig ni norman, libo libo ang likes. Pag iba daan daan lang including thai and pinas ha. I think norman is after social media mileage. He got hooked by the system. Its not always a bad thing. Tao lang. do i agree? Not necessarilly. But this is his blog anyway and he knows what hes getting into and its repercussions.

  2. Maxine, push lang ng push kahit sino ang bet ng mga experts eh basta keep your eyes on the prize!!!! Alam mo girl kaw ang bet ko during BbP and I never thought you’d make it after the disastrous Q&A but here you are fulfilling your dreams. I hope you beat the odds and prove everyone wrong!!!! Win or Lose girl remember that we appreciate the effort you put in being the host, representative and competitor.

  3. Go Norman Go!

    Just because I like oranges and you like tangerines does not diminish my high opinion of you. If we dont “agree to disagree” this would be a boring world to live in.

    You have certainly added more spice to the stew. One thing I know for sure is that it will definitely be a delicious Miss Universe pageant! 😉👍


    • I think the issue is that there were rumors of getting paid to raise a certain candidate. Me thinks. lol

  4. Aye Tita Norms, welcome to Miss Universe! This ain’t Miss Barangay No. 247.

    Going to Miss Universe as a Pinoy is BIG. Regardless of press or fan status. A lot of hype but also a lot of letdown. A lot of excitement but also a lot of disappointment. A marathon and a sprint. A lot of camaraderie, a lot of competition. Pure joy, pure drama. Illusion and reality.

    The “Miss Universe” vets on this blog (and I know there are many) needed to learn how to “do” Miss Universe. Just like Pia, just like A&Q, just like Osmel Sousa even.

    Consider this first year your crash course into the ***madness*** that is Miss Universe. Hang on for the final few days, take a leap of faith, and just push forward 2000 percent for the last few days. Take photos, talk to contestants, push yourself at security, get pushed back, make memories. These next few days will fly by and I guarantee you in time you will process what an amazing experience it was and you will be back for more. With lessons learned, with experience. As a better version of Normannorman, as they say.

    Also seriously consider coverage abroad at another Miss Universe (especially if it is in the States!). You will find you likely have more fun covering under such circumstances. Here in the US you can literally walk up to the ladies as just some random fan. Press credentials (and I know you know people there in the Philippines who have had them) can get you even so much more. Reach out to fans here who have been through Miss U before (again there are many).

    As for the negative comments, again welcome to Miss Universe! I remember when many of us were amping up for MU2014/2015 and MJ was just bashed to death. Philippines was a clear target as a powerhouse for the first time in two decades. Made our mission in Doral that much more important and let me tell you the Filipinos in the audience then did not disappoint. When Pia’s various dramas rolled around in Vegas (Ines, gown fiasco, lack of social media presence v. Indo/Thai/Viet/etc.). I learned from the Doral experience and just tuned it all out. Come pageant day I knew Pia would do her thing and the fans would do theirs. But it took MANY bittersweet Miss U attendances to get to that point.

    On that note…while I do feel like I am missing out on the happenings in Manila, it was really not a tough choice not to go. Ultimately I knew that everything would be too maarte there. It seems that has been the case. Still, I am glad many Filipinos will be able to experience Miss U for themselves as it has been two decades overdue. We all deserve that.

    So pick up that crown of yours, put it back on your head, and just run with the moment!

  5. Guys, Missosology has placed Keke at 17th in its 6th Miss Universe 2016 hot picks, while Maxine is consistently placed in its First 6. That means they already feel Keke’s stars (if there is any) are not shining (if it did shine) bright like a vagabond, este, diamond. So there. Si Tito Norms na lang talaga ang kilig na kilig pa kay Keke, tama ba? Chaaaz.

    • Actually. I prefer Indo to Thailand . For the life of me , I cannot understand why there is much hype abt her.

    • Ana don’t get too excited about these hot picks and rankings brouhaha. I look at these lists like a grain of salt. They are just mere predictions just you and I can do. Of course they have access to the candidates sometimes like Norman does so that’s that.

  6. Hay naku?!… Mabuti ng ihype ni Tito Norms si Aso at Santolan… At least mga yan siguradong waley sa Q&A!.. Hindi nyo ba naisip na pag ibang candidate ang nakapasok sa Top 6 e goodluck sa pambato natin?… Hello?! sure na pasok si Max sa Top 6 based on beauty… Eh paano kung nakapasok sa Top 6 si Australia, USA, Canada, at Aruba?! Tingin nyo, ano magiging placement ni Max after tanungan portion?! Kung tungkol sa EJK pa nga lang naging question edi tayo agad ang nganga?!… Gagaling nyo humusga e!

    • C2f, may point ka dyan. As much as I want Maxene to win or at least a runner up, if ever pumasok sya sa top 6 mahihirapan sya kung ang mkakalaban nya yang mga magaling sa communication skills. Sabi ko nga sana kasing galing sya ni Nicole Cordovez wala tayong problema kahit sino mkakaharap nya sa final q and a siguradong lalamunin nya. Pero knowing Maxine, sana… sana… matapat sa kanya yung question na kabisado nya ang sagot. Yun lang ang pinagdarasal ko.

      Sabi nga ni Pia, yung pagrampa sa swimsuit at long gown, di mo yan gagawin during your reign as MU pero yung Q and A lagi mong gagamitin dahil sa kabikabilang interview. So talagang advantage if magaling ka sa communication lalo na kung ingles.

      • Exactly! Thanks miss Tissa!
        Buti gets mo… di gaya ng iba dyan na kulang nalang ipako si Tito Norms sa krus at kung umasta e parang sila may-ari ng blog…

        Yung mga nag thumbs-down dyan.. swallow your bitter pill bitches.. You know I nailed this one!

      • Actually hindi ko alam bakit kailangan nilang magalit kay Norman. May mga proof ba sila sa mga ibinibintang sa kanya? Mostly naman dito si Maxene ang gusto nating manalo…. sana nga umayon sa kanya ang pagkakataon. Swertehin sana sya sa Q and A. Masagot nya sana ng maayos ang tanong.

  7. Whatever happens, Queen Maxine not only has my admiration, but also my respect. It’s one thing for pageant fans to throw unsavory comments her way, pero may kurot talaga kapag there are people in your circle who don’t believe in you 100%. Masakit. Nakakadagdag pa itong mga katulad ni Glora Diaz (AKA Talangka Queen) at mga “pageant expert” sa atin na halatang may pangarap na magkaroon ng international fame. It’s business, yes, pero sana nasa lugar pa rin naman. Dito ako naiinggit sa mga Latino fans, kasi ride or die talaga sila sa mga kandidata nila. Imagine if Andrea Tovar or Mariam Habach were our representatives, patay na sila sa kuda tungkol sa pagiging majubis (Andrea) or “mukhang lalaki” face (Mariam). Si Osmel nagt-train din ng ibang kandidata pero kahit kailan hindi nya hinayaan na mabalewala yung manok niya…dito sa atin…nakakalungkot. I feel for Max and I pray that she beats all the odds. I guess Jonas STILL HAS A LOT TO LEARN when it comes from expanding his business. Kuha pa ng isang page sa notebook ni Osmel.

    • Let’s vote na at walang kumpas natin palakasin loob ni Maxine. Yang mga Indo at trainors nila mga “fake news” or fake hype lang yan. We are too smart to believe that she’s top 6 worthy. Let’s see sa prelim.

    • Hana Ko, I agree completely. I believe in Max. I will never stop believing in her even after the pageant. She’s too good to be treated this way, especially by fellow Filipinos. I haven’t stopped voting for her since that thing started.

      Our Filipina representatives have overcome years and years of unfairness from Trump Picks. Maxine and our future queens will overcome this new wave of challenge, too. With DIGNITY.

  8. Been on this blog since Megan’s day. And I witnessed how much you love our Queens and how much you supported them. So its really painful to see that you our favoring another representative over our very own in a time when its most needed. Whether you admit it or not, your posts show it.
    In our last 6 candidates, Maxine perhaps the toughest challenge for aiming a back to back where the sash she is carrying is the host country. Can’t help but be disappointed.

    I wish Maxine all the best.

  9. Well, respect the opinion of others is a policy. But this opinion made me sad and a little dis appointed. Pero i will not take it seriously. i will be more serious to pray for maxine kaysa awayin pa at makipagdebate sa ating blogger na si norman. Hayaan nyo na. focus nalang sa pag support and pag pray for maxine. tomorrow night is the night for judging. We will see tru their performances who will be the possible top 12 base sa taste natin and possible taste ng mga judges or kung sino sino ang tunay na MU Material.
    So good luck not only to maxine. But for us. since he will represent our country PHILIPPINES!!! 🇵🇭

      • medyo feel ko yang sabotahe na yan. ewan ko ba. if mas umangat ung kapitbahay kesa kay max one thing im sure si jonas at albert ang ibabash ng mga die hard fans ni maxine at safe si Madamme SMA.

  10. I feel like the powers that be are pushing for an Indonesia win so they can bring Miss Universe to the said country. They’ll also maintain the same positions that they are enjoying now should it happen.

    • I don’t think so. The powers that be don’t have to lift a finger if they want to hold MU in Indo. They’re so thirsty MU will be welcomed with open arms. MW easily did it, what more MU.

  11. Tanggap ko na ang mga beauty camps ay nagti-train na ng reps ng other countries. Pero wag naman mag-resort to over-hyping. Si Keke hindi pang top 6, top 10 lang. Oo, opinion ni Tito Norms yun pero obvious na ipinilit. Sana balanse. Alalahanin ang journey ng Philippines before we got our 3rd MU crown, kasama ang pinoy fans na naghirap din. Sariling sikap maski sobra panlait ng mga kapitbahay, tapos ganito lang?So “For the Philippines” ends in 3rd MU crown ksi me na prove na ang A&Q n frends?

    • Kasi nga BAYARAN! Ganyan na ganyan din ang ginagawa niya na panghyhype sa mga merla ng Aces pag Bb.!!! Sineset-up talaga ng Aces na manalo si Keke para sa pansariling interes nila Judas! Nakakahiya kasi dadayain nila ang pageant, icocooking show parang cooking show na ginagawa sa Bb at MWP.

      • May history na ba ang Miss Universe ng pananabotahe?
        Nasa kamay ng mga hurado kung sino ang mananalo. At higit sa lahat nasa performance ng kandidata. Yung mga sinasabi ng iba na kesyo malakas ang tsansa na mapabilang sa top 12 ang mga paborito nilang kandidata… hindi natin masigurado hanggat wala pang contest.
        Yung mapapanood natin bukas at sa susunod na bukas ay swimsuit at long gown competition lang. Hindi natin alam kung ano ang naganap sa closed door interview. Kaya puro haka haka lang lahat yang pagpili ng sinoman sa magiging top 12. Respetuhin muna ang ang bawat isa.

      • @Miss Tissa hyping ang special treatment of beauty camps and its network ang pinag-uusapan hindi bayaran sa MUO. Yung influence ng A&Q could affect a candidates image and public support…and possibly judges decision if they follow blogs like this.

      • Ganun na ba kainpluwensya ang A&Q sa MUO or sa mga judges para maapektuhan ang chances ng mga kandidata?
        Wala akong binanggit na bayaran, sabi ko pananabotahe.
        Although I believe meron favoritism sa pageant pero pag nasa top 12 to top 6 na, depende na sa kandidata ang kanyang kapalaran. Hindi na hawak ng sinoman. Ang mga judges magdedepende na lang kung gaano kagaling ang performance nila. Siguradong may magrarally kung obvious na pinanalo ang kandidatang walang karapatan.
        Hindi katulad ng MW ang MU!

      • Talk to hand Tissa, walang sense argument mo. You’re all over the place. You just don’t get it. Go, grow some brains.

    • Hana Ko, yang sinabi mo talaga ang masakit. Yung crowns na nakuha natin these past few years, pinaghirapan yun ng MAAYOS at PATAS. Oo, hindi ako dedma sa “sakripisyo” ng ibang kandidata, pero yung atin lumaban tayo ng PATAS. PATAS. PATAS. With no “bought” hype from other foreign blogs at pageant experts – actually tanda ko pa rin kung paano kutyain ang mga past representatives natin. Yung pagpasok natin sa finals NEVER DINAAN SA PERA. Nung panahon ni Trump, dehado tayo sa Trump picks pero hindi tayo nakipagsabayan sa BAYAD na hype. Nung mga panahon na yun, yung mga kapitbahay natin inaalipusta tayo habang ang mga kandidata natin pilit na itinaas ang bandera ng mga Asyano.

      Itong ginagawa kasi ng Indonesia, very short cut. Tapos wagas pa kung mag-angkin at magmalaki. Halatang pilit. Yung atin it was a slow, torturous climb to the crowns. Hindi yung dinaan sa kuwarta. They’re very lucky the Philippines has already PUT THE ASEAN BEAUTY ON THE MAP – TAYO ang gumawa nyan for the past seven years. Without OUR WORK, kahit ibenta pa nila buong bansa nila 50-50 lang ang pag-asa nila to get a respectable placement.

      Sana naman matauhan itong mga tao sa paligid ni Max. At pati itong mga blogger sa atin na atat din for international recognition of their own by overhyping undeserving candidates for the sake of money generated from page views and online fame.

  12. ..ung pinalabas last week ata sa tv is very telling…mama j expressed hope for maxine to enter the top 3 and from there he said bahala na..and then he wished that sana manatili sa asya ang korona..un na..#alamnathis

    • Syempre pagnanalo Indo more projects at datung from desperate countries. Si Jonas is no longer training out of passion and willingness to help. Naging business.

      • Hana Ko. I admire Jonas but we all know that it’s always been business in the first place. Bottom line they are getting some sort of benefit out of training the girls. Some of the girls they trained are usually signed under Mercator or Jonas becomes their manager which eventually turns into $$$. Can you imagine now that Pia is under him as well!?! Pageant is a business and Jonas probably wants to expand in other countries too the fact that they let Kezia train for a bit in the Philippines and wear Libiran dresses and do photoshoots. By the way, those photos were one of the best ones she had.

  13. Hayyy! Ang away talaga ng mga “Megoreng” at “Lucky Me” parang pansit Canton — buhol-buhol! Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng peace negotiation Ito?

  14. Kaloka Mercado ang hydrocephalic blogger.
    See, he has all time in the world or rather the universe to defend himself as someone who is humble.
    Nilamon na ng sistema ang dating dalagitang mula sa probinsya.
    Walang time magreply sa mga paglalambing ng ilang readers at commenters pero alloted ang isang article para sabihing hindi sya swell-headed.
    Hay naku Norman, ikwento mo yan sa mga Mr. Gentleman mo.
    Wag kang mag-inarte na as if isa kang Santa.

    Yes Laila, I’m ballsy, I say what’s on my mind at lakompake sa dramarama ng elitistang blogger.
    Para sa akin daw tong article na to, pwes hindi indicated, kaya I can assume na para kay Laila de Lima rin to.

    • So cge na nga para satin dalawa pero ikaw ang nireplyan ikaw ang kinoronahan ng isang blog post 😝😝😝 at dahil dyan nag post pa sya ng isa pa lolz. Popcorn nalang ako! Prelims na bukas.

      • Quezojodang sayo or sa akin, it doesn’t change the fact na malaki na ang ipinagbago ng aking ex-Ninang.
        Sinunog ko na ang kandilang itim.
        Totoo nga pa lang “money is the root of all evils”.

        Haaaay, pag nanalo si Indonesia, ipapako ko sa krus si Laila.
        Kaya kabahan ka na Laila, tandaan mo, UNTOUCHABLE si KEKE.
        Sa lahat ng Keke e yan ang hindi pwedeng hawakan, kaya mamatay na birhen yan!

  15. Dear Mr. Norman,

    Thank you for your continuous, untiring effort and dedication to bring the news to us. I believe that you have been successful in doing a delicate balance of being fair without being unpatriotic, as some would claim.

    Moreover, (and this is not to diminish whatever reputation you’ve earned throughout the years), it is not as if your blog will influence the judges in selecting the finalist.

    While I believe that Maxine is a very strong candidate (and I dearly hope she wins), Indonesia and Thailand are not exactly weak. All write-ups be it in other blogs or opinion of newspapers would identify the two (together with the Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Siera Leon) as front runners. So what gives? Ano pinag puputok ng butse nyo?

    World Peace.

    • just so know Mr. NT, ive been and avid reader since 2011, but for some reason I couldnt comment on any of your posts starting last year. Maybe ive said something that offended you or your bet. But for so many years, even up to now, the likes f Basil, Jeremi and Co. ahve been spewing negative stuff -below the belt, comments here and yet it seems that its okay with you ‘coz if its not then you can delete it adn or allow me too to say my piece too. Sorry got lots of things to say pa pero nextime nalang sayang effort.. this will not be posted so..

  16. Raissa and Maxine, the last two standing.
    just like Yendi and Ximena

    Good luck Maxine!Show ’em what you’ve got. Let them eat your dust and prove them
    wrong. Maxine is the underdog.

    • Is this the verbose Andrew I am reading? Nawala na kase ‘yun ng matagal. Pag nag-post naman kase yun, highly intellectual at kung anu-anong trivia ang sinasali kaya halos di nila-like comments nya!

      Lai, Andrew is back. I do miss Dexter Co though. Does anybody remember him?

      • Do you have any clue why he has left this blog? May issue din ba s’ya kay Tito Norms?

      • @Jeremi – magkaaway kayo ni Dexter Co dito, bhe? Ikaw naman kase, ang talas mo din makipagsagutan kay Dexter Co. Baka na-bad trip s’ya kaya lumarga. Hahaha! Dapat dito walang balat-sibuyas. Malayang diskusyon na may konting inisan lang naman dito. After all, we talk about and celebrate beauty. Bakit natin sisirain ang araw natin dahil lang sa mga comment dito?

  17. Height lang naman ang lamang ni Indo kay Maxine but sa ibang aspects taob na taob itong si Keke kay Maxine. Ewan ko ba parang na hypnotize si Tito Normas sa uber gandara raw na Keke o baka naman uso sa Indonesia ang “lumay ” ( potion) at nagkataong nakainum nito si IDOL NORMAN ng isang patak kaya naman todo support ito ni KEKE. Ewan ko , basta Maxine is Miss Universe 2017!

    • Oi steamy sabihin mo sa mga studyante mo may incentive pag iboto nila si Max hehehe. Pa pasa load ka naman dyan! Mga Thais partida may after school orientation on how to vote on vodi. Bokya lang ako sa posting ng photos now Kase naka tablet ako Pero ganun Sila ka seryoso. 😝

      • Huwaaaaat? Therefore, Thailand is taking beauty pageant seriously than us. Their country is indeed a pageant crazy country than Indonesia and ours.

      • Wowww Laila ha binuking mo talaga ako dito ha heheeh, dahil dyan magpalit na me ng profile pic lol!Anyways, let’s get back to business dear Laila. I have more or less 200 students, if gawin kung project sa HEKASI, English, Science at Math ito tiyak bonggang bonggang votes makuha ni Maxine ha, pag-isipan ko nga kung anong kyeme gawin ko! hheeheheh

  18. Arise from your amnesia! Never forget to give atleast one vote to countries who gave our bet moral support.

    • Sobrang dami nila teh:

      Dominican Republic

      Sino pa ba????

      • I think base sa nakita ko sa video friend (yung iba nasa far right ni Pia na mabilisan lang nahagip ng camera): Austria, Georgia, British Virgin Island, Norway, Albania, Nigeria, Cayman Island, China, Great Britain, Vietnam.

  19. Tito Norms, same experience I had way back in 1994 – so many restrictions and conditions before the media then were given access to the girls and some events. It was frustrating truly. I think this situation is unique in the Philippines. In Las Vegas last year, I saw the girls walking in Planet Hollywood with nary a security or crowd milling around them. Same as Miss World in DC. Fans were happy to mingle with the candidates. Easy access is given perhaps because general public don’t care except pageant fanatics like us. Oh well. Anyway, just say no to Indonesia Tito Norms! Ha ha

    • Haha even Osmel Sousa is down for the pictures in the USA LOL. I saw he was wearing the same blue coat in National Harbor that he had on in Vegas last year LOL. I guess they don’t need winter coats in Caracas and Miami when he films NBL.

      So true… lesson learned: “Its more fun in the Philippines, so support Miss Philippines!” Haha

  20. I disagree with your coverage and preference for the Indonesian – mainly for personal reasons. Pero it pains me that I have spent years on this blog promotiong your credibility only to read about you in group chats and blind items on social media. I cannot defend you since they have a point and all I have to do is swallow the bitter pill that they now believe you’ve been eaten by the system. Posting a solo feature on one candidate peppered with several photos of your favored one may it be candid or groupfie leaves a bad taste in other people’s mouths. My world is on IG and I know you’re getting a fare share of people questioning you there in a manner that’s way different from our careful way in questioning you here – except for ballsy Basil.

    This is your blog. It has your name. You may do as you please but I’ve been getting DMs from Norman’s blog lurkers saying you’ve alienated them and all I can do is reply with an I don’t know emoji.

    • You’ve got my back, Lai. I have no Instagram account; hence, I do not know what is going on in there. I do check Tito Norm’s FB account once in a while, and Maxine is well featured on his page. Does this mean Tito Norms has huge Indonesian followers on IG, hence he frequently posts about Kezia there? If that is the case, then I would conclude that personal interest is primordial, let alone the supposed beauty-pageant-blogging hobby. Lai, you are spilling the beans and it is worth following. I am seeing a huge follower backlash if Tito Norms would not be careful on this. I hope he won’t do a Pawican of the controversial sinigang na miso. No, no, no… I love Tito Norms and I hope this would not make him drown to a nonsense controversy.

      • Ana, para lang fair and to understand where this is all coming from – 28 posts on the Indonesian since they arrived. That’s excluding the very small ones in a collage. Kaya marami sa IG umalma na Kase naka halata na plus that video that the Indonesians keep on circulating with Norman saying things in their favor. If you’re a Filipino and a Maxine supporter – reading lines such as Thank you feature our Queen love from Indonesia not only will make you cringe – it will make you feel a bit slighted. Of course he features Maxine. Of course he features the other girls but seeing at least one solo in a sea of collages for a specific event is telling for some people.

      • I do get where you are coming from, mare. It’s like switching allegiance to an enemy county. Even our criminal law system punishes our citizen on flight to an enemy country.

      • Love your post Laila. I share your sentiments. I’ve been coming here since Ara days and I’ve noticed the difference. I know that Indo is not exactly weak but so are other girls. But why the special treatment? Alam na. May special favors. That’s not playing fair.

    • I was one of those who were disappointed and alienated. I’ve been lurking in this blog since 2010.

  21. Norman, your blog gives us an image of Norman who is very smart And yet very sweet Smiley and humble .
    Your appearance on CNN crushed some of us who Found u extremely serious and almost with that ‘air’ of superiority . It’s understandable that your increasing popularity has diminished your interaction with the lowly mortals like us … but maybe you can do your correspondence with the preferred elite ones through their emails .. to maybe calm down the Likes of Basil (tse!)

    It’s surprising though . Even Laila has something strong to say abt Norman . I’m waiting for Ana miss tissa andBong700 to take off that ‘plastic ‘ bag and join in the fray hihihi

    • Do you want me to be a girl on fire, Fabbie? I do it in a classy way, honey. Tseeeeh! Hihihi!

    • Hihihihi sya kase laman ng chismisan sa group chats. Tameme ako di ko masabi ako si Laila lolz. Minsan kase na screenshot nila mga convo natin dito.

      • Hahaha! DPA pala ang peg mo sa IG, mars. You are penetrating behind an alias. Hihihi! I love it.

      • I am usually a lurker here. Lately though, hindi ko gusto mga pangyayari dito.

        Lai, I often think ikaw yung nasa likod ng titasofpageantry sa IG. Sana tama ako., mas bet ko kasi dun tumambay lately. 😉

    • Hindi na uso ang plastic bag ngayon! Paper bag na po!
      For me it is ok to disagree with Norman pero hindi naman dapat na sabihin na…lumaki na ang ulo, nabayaran etc…

      Magpasalamat na lang tayo at may ganitong blog. Lagi akong nakaabang every minute sa mga updates lalo na ngayong MU season. Kaya I really appreciate Norman.

      Simpli lang naman yan:
      Kung hindi nyo matanggap ang mga posts ni Norman, umalis kayo dito. Layasss. Tsehhh! Hihihi

  22. Go lang MAXINE kahit hindi masyadong pina ingay ang pangalan mo hindi ibig sabihin natabunan ka na. buo pa rin ang tiwala namin sa yo lalo nat palapit na ang prelim. ipakita mo sa mundo you define the true meaning of being FIERCE. yanigin mo ang buong arena sa nakakakilabot mong catwalk. Sa ganda ay lamang ka na

  23. Hi tito Norman. Naiintindihan kita pero unawain mo rin sana ang lalim ng pinaghuhugutan ng maraming Pinoy fans. Napakasariwa pa po sa alaala namin ang nangyaring injustice kay Catriona sa nagdaang Miss World. Ok lang naman na sumuporta ka sa iba kesehodang si Indonesia pa yon basta lang hindi magmumukhang naiiwan sa ere ang sariling atin. Ang dating kasi ay parang kinalimutan mo na lang ang nangyari kay Catriona sa ikauunlad ng iyong propesyon bilang blogger. We were hurt and overly sensitive sa ngyari sa Miss World kaya siguro humantong sa ganito. I’m sure aayos din ang lahat when the dust settles. Keep it up tito Norman! 🙂


    • Agree na sana ko sayo hinabol mo pa ang KF. Dapat kasi kung tulong lang binibigay, dapat walang halong special treatment, i-train nlang pero wag over hyped to the point na unfair na sa iba. Sa totoo lang mas bilib ako sa A&Q pero mas gusto as a person si kuya Rodgil. Si Jonas overly ambitious, ayan La Traydora ang dating. Sa totoo lang si Keke over hyped na probinsyana version ni Maja Salvador.

    • Wow, ginamit nya talaga ang FULL NAME nya…. It seems naniniwala nga ang A&Q, si SMA, at si Maxine na SWERTE ang LETTER A sa ending ng Pangalan…. Go, go, go, Maxine!

  25. lola norms para lang kasi mga dutae fanatics ang mga iyon, kapag di ka sang-ayon kay poong dutae, sasabihang dilawan, adik, etc. same din na kapag di kayo pareho ng views sa miss u kung anu-ano na ang accusations na ibabato. di ko rin bet si miss indo pro maygawd, akusahan ba namn si lola norms sinuhulan/binayaran e parang sobra naman ata yun, di ba pwedeng iba-iba lang tayo ng taste! kung bet ni lola norms si indo e so what, sure bang panalo na siya? basta wish ko na si philippines e pasok sa top 3, si indo, vene at puerto e hanggang top 12/9 lang, at si colombia out of the top 12! 😀

  26. Tito Norman, pag Ang puno hitik SA bunga,binabato. Ikaw ang nag iisang blogger na hitik SA bunga! This is your passion! You are very good at it! And kahit IBA IBA ang concept ng mga pageant blogs n karamihan Pinoy eh namamayagpag ka PA rin. Yun Nga Lang Eto ang risk pag public figure ka na. I’m a blogger too but I opted to be on a cloak and remain private. As a consequence I don’t have the volume of views the way you have. Nevertheless, bongga ka PA rin! And aminin mo mahina Ang 4figures in US dollars tax free ang ppc ng ganitong blog! Kaya huwag ka na magtampo. OK!

  27. Norman, it seem you have forgotten we are all Filipino crabs. I sympathise, but your travails is expected in our country.

  28. Sir Norman naiintindihan ka namin, you just overpromised but underdelivered (so far) with your coverage. Hindi basta basta ang Miss Universe, unlike sa Miss Earth na if held sa Pinas invited lahat ng Media sa lahat ng events. Sabi nila, the credentialed media is divided into 5 groups. Print, Broadcast, Sponsor, Online at Production. Sa limang levels na yun may kanyang kanyang restriction/s.

  29. O ayan na, Basil. Tito Norm’s post is wholly dedicated to you. ‘Wag ka na magtampo. Pinaglaanan ka na n’ya ng isang entry at para lang sa iyo ‘yan. Kung hindi man nagiging interactive si Tito Norms sa ating avid commenters n’ya, intindihin na lang natin. Busy din s’ya just like any other human being. At least alam natin na this blog is personal to him, dahil kung may masugid na Norman na sumasagot sa mga comment natin, t’yak na hired admin ‘yun. Kaloka.

      • Indeed. S’ya lang ang may K magparunggit kay Tito Norms, na in fairness naman ay nag-work! See, the emotada encarnacion is one entry. Sabihan niya ba namang lumaki ang ulo ni Tito Norms! O, ‘di bongga ang reply sa kanya. Kaloka.

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