7 comments on “A bigger cash prize for Miss Grand International 2014

  1. What about Miss WORLD, Norman?!!?

    Does MWO provide a luxurious Laura Ashley-furnished penthouse for Megan whenever she´s in London?

    • An apartment, yes. But probably not as well-appointed as a penthouse suite furnished by Laura Ashley. Who knows, she might even have a big room to herself in Julia’s big house.

  2. Hi
    Im nadim from BANGLADESH. I want to join miss grand international 2014 as a photographer. How can i join here? I cover already lots of event from my company.
    I will be very glad to about your answer
    Nadim ahmed

  3. Thumbs up MGI!!! It makes sense to see beauty pageants winners benefit financial!

  4. I hope that having the fully furnished residence in Thailand does not mean the winner will have to stay there for a year – or is being the winner means its a full time job?
    Or is it? If so, wow… The cash prize is measly if that is the case…. Its not as if the title is prestigious like Miss U or Miss W that it sets you up for future opportunities after your reign…. Just thinking out loud.

    • The winner doesn’t have to stay in Bangkok the whole year, but she will have a well-appointed apartment at her disposal everytime she needs to be there. Unless, of course, the host delegate ends up winning.

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