9 comments on “A proud achievement for Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up…”Major major” Salamat!

  1. hi SIR NORMAN! what happened to MISS PHILIPPINES!

    i called sick together with my buddies at work just to watch VENUS on line on Tuesday
    she was amazingly gorgeous…. the question was not the right fit for her….
    most of the questions asked was topical issues..like death penalty,, freedom of choice,
    internet…. technology and safety…. DAMN IT!!
    nevertheless…. she made us PROUD here in australia…….
    sayang talaga:) am sad..

    • If you analyze the Top 5, Venus was actually given the toughest question because it could lend her defenseless whichever way she answers the same. It’s a double-edged sword thing since there could be allusions to the controversy of her dethronement and reinstatement – an issue she doesn’t want to talk about anymore. Let’s just be happy with her achievement.

  2. Kuya Norman,

    I was very depressed last night after I felt Venus blew her final question. I was at a loss for words, like the wind had been knocked out of me.

    I discussed it with my friends and we thought of so many answers to the question:

    1. Overcoming poverty to attain a college degree cum laude then making it to the pageant etc.
    2. The death of her dear friend Melanie just days before then still making it to the top 5
    3. Never knowing who her father was and still getting a college degree, making it to the pageant etc.

    However, now looking back and watching the pageant again, we made a huge mistake as I believe ALOT of other people did. Venus confused us when she said “major major problem.” The question was name a big MISTAKE NOT PROBLEM.

    I thought about it and realized that if you think about it, that is a very difficult question to answer. What kind of answer would be best? Any answer could leave her looking vulnerable, etc.

    I know she was very nervous, but I don’t blame her for answering the way she did. I doubt the other 4 girls would have answered any better. I first thought she had the easiest question, but now I realize she had the most difficult one (besides maybe Australias). I commend our Venus for a wonderful performance! I LOVED her swimsuit and evening gown performances. She took command and made the world take notice.

    I truly hope Venus has earned enough STAR quality to become a huge star in the Philippines. Today in the U.S., ALOT of major newspapers and TV news shows featured her and how she “lost the crown.” She is getting more publicity than Ximena! 🙂

    I love Venus! This video of her right after the pageant made me love her even more! Enjoy your pizza girl! You’re time in the spotlight is NOT over!


    • Venus ended up with a difficult question and the pressure must be too much for her to handle. But I’m still proud of her 4th Runner-Up finish because she wouldn’t have made it that far if not for her excellent presentation in both swimsuit and evening gown. 😉

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  4. major major (grins) =)
    inspite of what happened i still believe that it is still a big achievement for Venus to make it in the top 5, if im not mistaken after miriam qiuambao yr 1999, venus was the next filipina who made it in the miss universe top 5, lets cheers =)

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  6. hi mr. norman tlga magaling si venus, syang nga lang yung Q and A niya, anyway sgro masaya ngayon sa pinas, syang nasa ausie ko. 😦 kung ako ang pipiliin infairness sa bb.pilipinas world sna si venus ang lumaban sa ms. world. ma gustuhan siya ni julie morley. VENUS FOR MS. WORLD.

    • The whole country is happy with Venus’ major major achievement, nazariene. In fact, she will be given the grandest of welcome in her hometown of Bato, Camarines Sur.

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