15 comments on “If you can’t watch Miss Universe Philippines 2023 in person, try this

  1. Gravidez is how tall ? I bet she was wearing the chunky shoes and made her taller than Miss UPH Dee ….

  2. I was surprised to hear Pauline answer the questions . They were cliched. That’s when I knew the night was not gonna go in her favor

  3. Well as I’ve said before, Michelle will win.
    Nasan na mga Pauline fanatics na strong comms skills daw at si Michelle daw weak
    Hello tama na ang fanaticsm sa mga halfies . Basta halfie maganda na sa mga pinoys lalo
    na yung mga never pa nakalabas ng pinas. Just saying.

    • There’s a vlogger, Gee San Pedro, saying Michelle didn’t answer the first question correctly. It’s funny how vloggers nowadays would use their platform to say their opinion like it’s the absolute truth e mukhang di nya naintindihan ang sagot.

      I actually thought it’s going to be Pauline until the Q&A. Nevertheless, Michelle is a deserving winner. Her pasarela maybe malamya but that could actually make her standout in the MU stage.

      @Tito Norman, hope you are doing well. You seem not as active as before in updating your blog.

      • Well after the gown competition, I knew it was between Michelle and Baguio.
        The Q&As just sealed Michelle’s win.
        It was actually Michelle and Pauline who answered both questions righrfully bur Michelle had more impactful answers and her stance and delivery in both segments are full of conviction while Pauline was a bit shaky and nervous.
        Michelle will bring back our placement at Miss Universe for sure but if Pauline won, I highly doubt our chances.

  4. Parang sa Q&A pa biglang kinabahan si Pau. That portion should have been her most confident. Michelle, on the other hand, nailed both her questions. Pampanga did great as well. Zambales sounded rehearsed and didn’t really answer the second Q. Baguio should be sent to Charm or be a runner up. She’ll make a good MUP next year.

  5. We lost at the production aspect this year, sana naman makabawi nalang tayo sa placement sa Miss Universe

  6. Let’s face it, kaya ang weak ng batch this year eh nasindak sa unplacement ng napakaglamazon na si Celeste last edition. Madami siguro dapat na malalakas ang sasali bago MU’22 tas biglang mga nagback-out wkwkwk. Kasi nga naman kung masasaksihan mo talagang ligwak yung mag kasing ganda ni Celeste, ay aba matatakot din ako. Sana naman next year, sali na uli malalakas

  7. I knew it! The dusky Bicolana from Sorsogon will surprise everyone!

    • Obviously iniwasan nila yung dalawa… Sila kasi yung pinakamagaling sa QandA. Lalamunin ng dalawang ito sila Dee at Amelincx sa QnA at baka sila pa ang mag top 2.

  8. It’s looking like Pauline will be the MUP, Michelle Supra and either Baguio or Agusan for Charm.

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