8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 National Costume Competition

  1. I like the land-right-for-peasant-farmers inspired national costume = may advocacy. I wonder how much the Party-list spent in bringing all candidates, paying Marco Gumabao’s talent fee (unless it’s pro bono) and staging the national costume? I think its our right we demand transparency since it’s from taxpayers’ money. We wanted to know the actual money spent and compare the projected and actual income due to tourism and other related industries and the job it creates after the exposure of Eastern Visayas. Thanks

  2. National Costume pa more pero pag nasa MU na JUSME pangit yung ginagamit.

  3. What is this Party List doing in Miss Universe Philippines? What a shame Philippine Politics

  4. The girls from Samar and Leyte won in a pre- pageant event hosted by Samar & Leyte. Brought back memories of hometown bet Charlene Gonzales’ Best National Costume award to the dismay of fellow MU candidates who openly revealed their displeasure to local media

    • @Cool Brew, hope that’s not the X-deal, that Region 8’s agriculture is indeed presented creatively and beautifully in a national costume, relatively better than the provinces known as major sources of vegetables, fruits, other cash crops and marine products.

    • Nindot man gyud pud ang mga nangadaog, Sis Raul oi. Maayo sab nilang pagdala. Na frustrate lang ko sa akong bet nga Bohol kay sa kadaghan sa inspiration for NatCos (Chocolate Hills, dive sites, floating restaurant, caves, tarsier, old churches, kalamay, tinunlob, Peanut Kisses, tableya, Maria Kakaw, Tamblot, Dagohoy, etc.) …… unya, mao ra to? Kon wala pa siya nagdala og mga guha sa kinampay … wala gyud.

  5. At a time when food security is an alarming reality in the country, when government neglect of agriculture and fisheries have driven a clearly agricultural archipelagic country to importing basic agricultural and fish products, a focus on agriculture in a pageantry of national costume is a welcome development. Beneath the artistry of each costume lies a message loud and clear to all Filipinos: we are basically an agricultural country and importing basic food items is an anathema.

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