8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 at the San Juanico Bridge

  1. As the coronation night is approaching, here are my latest top picks
    MUP- Amelinckx
    Runners up in descending order

  2. I wonder how they’re able to find funding to support such trips. Good for them! I think MUP has definitely elevated the experience for the girls. I feel bad for Rabiya and Bea’s time. They were victims of awful circumstances.

    • Funding to support such trips is the magic of marketing: we promote your place as a destination, you spend for the transport and accomodation of the aspirants. Any forward-looking organization can do likewise with just a little dose of innovativeness. Sponsors are able to promote their businesses in a particular locale, while pageant organizations are able to reach out to grassroots communities to promote their advocacies and brand message.

    • Successful X-deals like this take place if the sponsors see an acceptable ROI for their investment, which is dependent on their perception of the brand equity of the pageant organization. Sponsors will not risk big money for expectation of small returns,

  3. Sana eto na lang ang location shoot ng runway challenge. Tignan natin kung di magkapaltos ang mga candidates. Kidding aside, mukhang maganda talaga location ang San Juanico Bridge for runway.

  4. The trip to various scenic spots all over the archipelago makes a pageant truly a BEAUTY PAGEANT, a spectacular celebration or procession of the beauty of humanity juxtaposed in the breathtaking natural scenery of the country and reaching out to as many grassroots communities. Any undertaking less than that does not measure up to this yardstick of pageantry.

    • Ah so chaka siya for the past editions based on your yardstick kemerut and MPE and ME are wows.

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