14 comments on “Final Predictions for Miss Philippines Earth 2023

  1. Cheapipay ng Miss Earth. Look at the sponsors. Dwiz and pilipino mirror talaga?

  2. My final prediction
    MPE- Aduana
    MPF- Alacio
    MPEcoTourism- Almada

  3. Sorry talaga. Pero tingin ko hindi gandang beauty queen si Yllana Marie Aduana. Cute na cute at makinis sya kaya swak sya sa mga telenovela. Byuti n’ya pang-artista di pang-rampa.

    • Latin America pageant fans don’t like her face too. She’s too pale and needs a rhinoplasty to fix that beak nose. But you know, she’s the most prepared, the most crown-hungry, and the most experienced. That body is also to die for. Flawless.

  4. Si Kerri nlang para sure na talo. Para matuwa ang mga pinoy. Ayaw ng pinoys ng Miss Earth crown.

  5. Yllana Aduana reminds me of Eva Patalinjug. I think it’s because of her complexion and her classic feminine demeanor. I just hope it will work in Yana’s favor and not as a bad omen. I feel that there’s always a dark shadow looming over Eva’s pageant career from her national pageant stints to her being a national director.

  6. Aduana na yan hehe, sure win yan sa Miss Earth, walang shupits at latinos ang aangal sa ganda at pagiging susbtantial nya

  7. Yllana Marie Aduana participated in Bb. Pilipinas 2022 and she was not lucky. I hope she will going home with the crown this time. Good luck to all!

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