4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Swimsuit Challenge Part 2

  1. Request granted … to me. Tumagal din upfront ang Swimsuit challenge photos (4 days na ngaun ang posts na ito). Parang pictures sa calendar sana tumagal pa ng 12 months. KaLOWka

  2. In the swimsuit challenge, Amelincx is the clear standout. Her abs are to die for

    • Huh, it’s the overall presentation serge, not the abs. Eh hindi naman abs challenge yun. Si Catriona nga wala naman abs pero oozing with sex appeal. Ewan ko ha, hindi naman ibig sabihin ilang beses ka nang sumali, dapat ibigay na sayo, i mean hello nasaan ang quality and ciritical thinking doon? Personally the newbies are eating the oldies alive. Baguio, Zambalez are head to head to oldies

      • I agree, Garga. Did you see the swimsuit walk of Krishnah and CJ? CJ most notably. Her turns, her pasarela (inikot ikot nya yung sarong!), her body/curves, especially her “behind.”
        As I said before, she needs to be a trainer.

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