13 comments on “Araneta City unveils Bb Pilipinas 2023 Glam Shot Photo Exhibit

  1. Bb. Pilipinas is still the gold standard in pageants. In training, it used to be A&Q but I think they are losing spark.

  2. In a totally unrelated topic,

    Congratulations to Eva Patalinjug for passing the Bar. Life works in mysterious ways indeed. Not even getting a decent placement in MGI a few years ago must have been an embarrassing chapter of your life — only to find out that the universe is redirecting you to a greater path many years later.

    World Peace.

  3. Dapat yung photo shoot na walang make up para mag ka alaman na kung sino yung budol oh yung hindi.

    • sis Ivan, walang ganon…hayaan na natin ha…kahit naman kasi yung mga past winners since the beginning of BBP needed talaga ang make up. <3<3<3

  4. This is where I admired the works of the best photographer Raymond Saldaña. He captured through the lense the inner the soul of the lovely ladies. He always makes the photos of candidates looking so classy and expensive. Way to go Raymond.

  5. I am sorry but those photos are tacky! I thought mga manok at palaspas sila. Lol. Instead of focusing on their faces, we are distracted by those props. And those soft filters … mukha silang mga drawing na lang.

    Whoever thought of this concept as “glamour shots” should be flogged with chicken feathers and palm leaves until he / she / it is blue in the face. Lol.

    Why do I get the feeling that 2023 pageants in the Philippines have regressed to 1980s?

    World Peace.

    • Wa ka malibat, bayota ka? Manok ug lukay gyuy tan-aw nimo ana nila? Ka-klaro anang ilang mga dagway !!! Basta lang gyud maka comment, kay aron ingnon nga expert on beauty ? Panamin oy … kay mitalipsay na nang imong panan-aw, bayooootch !!! Attention: Raymond Saldaña, Owen Reyes, Patrick Henry Mergano, Macky Combe, Odelon Simpao and Allan Laserna … angay kuno mong latoson hangtud ma-blue na mo sa mga bun-og. The temerity to say that !!! Ikaw na gyud, Tomasa … ang rayna sa tanang nagkagidlay !!!

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