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  1. Klyza Castro of Davao Oriental is just as good, if not even more engaging with her communication skills than anyone else in this batch; with an interesting backstory on indigenous roots, and the physical beauty to back it up too. She’s the most Miss Universe ready candidate with the most potential in my opinion.

    If Krishnah Gravidez of Baguio had better communication skills she’d be neck and neck with Klyza for the top spot. So for that, Miss Supranational seems most suited for her. If not her, then Emmanuelle would also be great, and Krishnah would be a great comeback candidate if she’s able to successfully improve her communication skills. I am torn between these two for this title.

    I personally don’t care for the Miss Charm pageant (at least not yet) and am a bit disappointed that MUPh is now dimming its shine and prestige for the sake of adding 2 more crowns, despite being known as Miss Universe Philippines… but anyways, I wouldn’t mind who takes that title. Maybe Pauline, since she has evidently improved and is a clear favourite for some.

    01. Davao Oriental (Universe)
    02. Baguio (Supranational)
    03. Bohol (Charm)
    04. Makati
    05. Cebu Province

    06. Cavite
    07. Pampanga
    08. Zambales
    09. Agusan Del Norte
    10. Paranaque

  2. I saw Pauline in person. She’s beautiful and mas pansin ang istura niya compared to the other candidates she’s with.
    She’s a lot taller and slender as in payat than what you see in photos and videos.
    She doesn’t need to lose weight.
    What she needs is proper styling and that fun fiery confidence when she’s working her swimsuit and gown if she wants to compete at an MU calibre.

  3. I can concede that this is Pauline’s strongest year. But I still don’t think she’s IT. Yes, she’s articulate, but I don’t think MU is after just someone who can speak—they want a woman with a story, a passion—something they stand for. Unfortunately, Pauline is a speaker who doesn’t really have a compelling story to tell. She’s a pretty girl who takes pageants too seriously. I’ve been seeing her for three years already yet I don’t know what she’s really passionate about, outside the usual helping the poor. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong at all with championing this cause. It’s just that it’s almost a prerequisite for all pageant girls now to have an advocacy, that unless they’re extremely involved or the advocacy is unique, they seem almost… disingenuous.

    That said, I think she’d be perfect for Miss Charm.

  4. I agree that generally, this is a weak batch in terms of physical beauty (e.g presence, height, facial beauty). It seems majority look of the girls can be lumped into two groups: matronly, pudgy AND trying-hard starlet look.

    But (and this is the big BUT) if we will truly believe in the new vision of MU in selecting a winner who has substance and advocacy (more than beauty…[which i tend to believe since the current Miss Universe is no stunning beauty herself but with strong advocacy and voice]), then Pauline Amelinckx should be the clear winner.

    I am not a fan of Pauline’s beauty. Typical Eurasian look. The best to describe her is…. Pretty. As in your pretty next door neighbor. She is kinda pudgy looking, and will totally be lost in a sea of exotic, amazonic beauties from around the world.

    But she has a strong advocacy, extra curricular programs and she is very articulate and natural sounding (so unlike Michelle and Samantha [who is not even pleasing to the eye — and that is being kind]) who sound so rehearsed and hackneyed.

    At this point, my bet is Pauline.

    World Peace.

    • I agree in choosing Paulene as the best to win. Not a typical MU beauty but she is prettier compared to other frontrunners. There are good speakers in this batch and Paulene is one of them. I like Michelle but Paulene is more spontaneous.

  5. My fearless prediction:
    Ist runner up:Dee
    2nd runner up: Manto
    3rd runner up: Panlilio
    4th runner up: Vera

  6. Nakasabay namin some of the candidates flying to Caticlan.
    The half black Pinay has an unpleasant attitude.
    My friend helped her at Caticlan airport by handing her luggage to her since she couldn’t reach it because there was someone in front of her.
    Not even a smile nor thank you from her. She simply walked away.

  7. agusan del norte 5’3”” lng yata… and wd unproportion legs… although her face is gorgeous… goodluck❤️

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