7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Elevates and Reshapes Pageant Experience

  1. They need higher caliber candidates and high placements/wins at MU to elevate the brand.

    Let’s be real, a Pinoy pageant where only a handful of contestants that are preferred camp favorites are real stunners, is not elevated. It’s a downgrade. This is the Felepens and Mess Uniberse after all. Talk about cooking shows, which Pinoys hate (unless its our recipes that are cooked up).

    BbP still gets the lion’s share of noteworthy contestants without even trying.

    Maybe MUP can recalibrate by trying less buzzphrases and hashtags that change every single year and trying harder to place our candidates beyond Tuff 20.

    Medyo multiple personality disorder na rin. Nakalito. Nakakawalang gana.

    Alam na ang results

    Gagastos pa bara special invites from USA and Korea. Save nalang for a real EG.

    • May personality disorder kasi yung mismong mother hallu org hindi rin mawari kung ano hinahap wkwk. Transformational leader yan this year tas pag di pumatok, magbabago nanaman ng hahanapin

  2. Hays sa picture na ito wala man lang pan Laban ang Pilipinas . Mga CC kung baga. Clappers at criers . Yung nagsayang lang ng pamasahe papuntang venue. Ewan . Oh yung mga acla na manipis ang balat wag na mag comment. Trulalu ang aking crystal ball😂

  3. MUP 2023 Elevates and Reshapes pageant experiences… ah kaya pala wala nang height requirement (mga below 5 ft pwedeng pwede maElevate ng Bragais heels) at kahit na payat, mataba, masculado, may anak pwede na din (no body shaming kc pwede iReshape). Peace be with you

  4. Galing ni Ms. Kiray, I didn’t know she does this kind of events and does speaking engagements. Kudos Kiray!

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