38 comments on “My Favorites for the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Photoshoot Challenge

  1. Here we go again!
    The usual Filipino gay pageant fans yearning for a half-bred candidate to the Miss Universe pageant. Fans who adore anything that is foreign and mestiza.
    To be honest, there is nothing special about Pauline.
    I am sure, based on mestiza looks all of these so called beauty experts would be predicting Pauline will win Miss Universe even if MUPh is not over yet.
    Mga cheap na pageant fans na basta mestisa at halfie maganda na agad.
    Sorry to say that Pauline looks constipated all the time specially when she’s talking.

      • Ikaw ba yung nagsabi dati na siguradong mananalo si Celeste?
        At nagalit nung sinabi ko na walang syang chance manalo dahil mukha syang aging Russian escort? Di ka pa rin nadadala? lol

  2. Favorite talaga ng blogger itong photoshoot, 5 days na since posting (April 4) hindi pa napalitan. Enjoy your Holy week long week end break you desrve … or just waiting for the swimsuit challenge for new postings

    • Ahay Tito Norman, what happened kahit isa sa favorites mo wala manlang pumasok sa top 5 na inanounce ng MUP

  3. Underwhelming batch.
    Not hating, just stating.
    Hoping whoever wins Ms Universe PH 2023 will do much better at Ms Universe finals than Cortesi.

  4. Hays nag aaway ang mga Acla kung sinong mananalo. Sorry to say kung sino man ang manalo dyan walang laban sa Miss U . Puro recycled yung candidates akala nila magaganda sila kaya pinipilit ang mga sarili. Balik nanaman yung Pilipinas sa era na mahagip lang ng camera sa Miss Universe eh masaya na ang lahat😂 Dapat next time itaas yung requirements. Una dapat maganda hindi dahil sa make up. Pangalawa matangkad. Pangatlo dapat ang pinak mababang requirements eh deans lister . Pang apat yung magaling sa communication yung lumalamon ng mike . Kaya mga acla join na😂 Ay pahabol pa yung katawan dapat 34 24 34. Kaya kung wala kayong sa mga nabangit eh wag nang sumali please wag na . Isa pa wag nang sumali yung mga babae na sumali na at natalo na kasi ibig sabihin pangit kayo at wala kayong ganda kaya pleasr wag nang pag pilitan pa.

    • Napakatoxic mong bakla ka..para kang bakla na palengkera hahahha yong laging naghahanap ng away

      • In fairness, LOL ako sa “mahagip lang ng camera sa Miss Universe eh masaya na ang lahat😂”

        Toxic millenial and Genz socmed Pinoys have no idea what the dark ages were like.

      • Why you’re so mad? Im just stating the truth . Sorry to burst your fantasy😂

    • Ok ka lang ba? Kung may problema ka, talk to your friends or family. Kung pinaglihi ka sa sama ng loob, acceptance is the key. Wag ibunton sa mga babaeng nangangarap maging BQ.

      • Ikaw okay ka lang? Totoo naman ang sinasabi ko pinagsisiksikan nila yung sarili nila na sumali eh beauty contest ang MU. Kung yung standard mo katulad ng Presidente mo ngayon ay may sira ang utak mo.Kaya bagsak economy ng Pilipinas kasi yung parameter mo mababa pang utak ipis😂 Come hell or high water my statements still the same.

    • Ikaw ang may sira ang utak. Bat galit na galit ka? E ano naman kung pagsiksikan nila sarili nila? Pera mo ba ginagastos nila in pursuing their dreams? 😅 Kung standards ko masusunod, marami sa kanila di makakapasok at di rin presidente si BBM mo. You seem to have so much hatred in you. Mukhang napagkaitan ka ng pangarap kaya ganyan ka. I can refer you to a psychologist. Willing to help here 😅

  5. Tama na, nakakapagod na, stop na the desire to be the next MU from the Philippines. Naaawa na ako sa mga girls. Kahit nga si Tito Norman di alam kung ano magiging kapalaran ng mga yan. Depende talaga lahat yan kay Anne…period na ha. Stop na ang usapan about it. MUPh should please Anne, then you get the crown or runners up…take it or leave it.

  6. As of today after the first challenge, Expected: Pauline for Charm, Emmanuel for Supra, and Michelle for MU, Meta Alternative: Agusan for Universe, Krisha for Supra, and Pauline for Charm

    • Yes, Pauline is shooin for Charm. Such a charming candidate to Vietnam!!!

  7. I feel bad for some of the girls who looked so uncomfortable based on the angles used by the photographer. It is almost like some are being sabotaged to lose.

  8. Based on these still photos, Dee and Panlilio are the standouts among Norman’s favorites

  9. Sad to say, But It is Obvious that Norman endorses Michele D above other candidates!
    This is going to be a Celeste 2.0 when Norman went all the way predicting Celeste victory on National TV, social media, and etc.
    I have a feeling that this post is going to get censored. That’s why less and less readers are posting here.

      • Hayyy jawskoh yunibersss, buti pang di ka na nag comment. The design is very DOJ!

      • Agreed. Among the front runners, Pauline is the most deserving. I just saw her interview with Adam. She was very articulate, engaging and natural. Michelle and Samantha are full of affectations. Fake looking and fake sounding. Their sound bites are nothing but stereotypical beauty queen answers. Samantha needs a lot of make up to hide how plain and dried she looks like. Michelle with all her studied mannerisms (you can see it in her eyes) look so fake.

        As of today, Pauline for the crown.

        World Peace.

      • If MUP passes over Pauline then I don’t know what’s wrong with the org. She’s left no stone unturned and is blossoming before our eyes as the best version of herself.

        Due credit to Dee and Panlilio as her fiercest competition but they recycled all of the pageant experience. Same with Vera.

        Dee is Marquez Dee 3.0 / Aya Abesamis 2.0.

        Panlilio hasn’t shed her MGI training.

        If they can’t by now, they’ll never change. Only Pauline has shown she’ll do whatever it takes for the Universe.

      • Pauline is fake and drama queen!!!only poor people can trlate to her because poor people like drama!!

  10. Of the five photos above, only Michelle’s photo is good. The rest look stiff, unnatural, forced.

    • the beauty of Michelle Dee is precise. not middle of a race or what with a sexy skin tone. healthy hair and posture. not assuming. authentic. we just need her story.

  11. If these are already the best and the favorites of the blogger, then I am very much afraid to see how the rest look like. Lol.

    Form the photos above, two words: TRYING HARD.

    From the back of the office location (wala bang budget?) to the oily make-up, from the sofa-cover gowns, to the very cringey posings. MUP succeeded in making the girls in this batch CHEAP looking. The design is very Seiko films TF movies circa 83. Lol.

    M. looking very much like Dulce, the singer. No offense to Dulce. Lol.

    S’s very tacky pose as if saying, “I am about to spread my vajayjay, come and get it”. (Okay sana kung maganda fez nya but she really reminds me of Mommy Dionesia.)

    The girl in yellow who looks so tired and about to jump off the ledge because of the monstrosity that they made her do.

    The “i taas ang kili kili at amuyin ang halimuyak nito look” of the two girls na mukhang hirap na hirap sa posing. Haha. And dont get me started on their ku-kur gowns! (Ku-kurtinahin). Lol. The design is very…La Cumbia.

    I have a feeling something not good is happening in the MUP organization for them to create this mess. As the saying goes, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, let’s hope it is not Mama J’s groin area. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Taray ni accla. Affected much, hindi ba pwedeng the org is trying hahaha

      • Dear GAGA,

        I am assuming you know how to read. Because that’s the headline of my post. TRYING. TRYING HARD. Parang ikaw lang. Lol.

        World Peace.

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