3 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Photoshoot Challenge

  1. Bakit parang sa tabi-tabi lang sila nag-pictorial?
    Pumatong lang sa plant box.
    Di rin maayos maghanap ng anggulo yung photographer nila, base sa pics na nasa fb page nila.

  2. Cringey. Is it me or MUP has deteriorated just in a span of one year. From the quality of the girls to the promo materials and activities?

    What is with that “nag mamantika ang balat” look? And the sap-sap achuete lips? Parang pang 80s beauty pageant vibes ng video. And don’t get me started on the awkward pa model poses, OMG pilit na pilit. Their poses can be broken down into:

    sakit ng ngipen look, self sabunot look, pamewang, one hand one the other arm, caress your cleavage look then pout, look sultry, slight opened lips, fake lashes all over, show the chicket teeth, bisugo lips look and end with a constipated smile. Lol.

    Haay.. bakit biglang naging trying hard ang MUP?

    World Peace.

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