4 comments on “Joemay Leo: Mother and Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Candidate

  1. A winning poster to dramatize the beauty paradigm shift… perfect picture… Except for the background (Europe? Why not Philippines or Benguet)

    • Yeah, I did not notice that. My eyes were fixated on the mother and child, not the App- mounted background for a picture shot inside a studio. Maybe they should change that one with a Philippine scenery.

  2. When I saw the picture, all the more I saw the wisdom of MU’s decision to include young mothers in the pageant. Indeed, why define a woman by her marital status? Why measure her worth by her being married or unmarried? If a woman can shape the future of her children by being a mother, why disallow her from bringing a change for the betterment of society via pageantry? Isn’t it ironic that all these years, a woman’s motherhood had no place in pageantry platforms that talk about making the world a better place? We know for a fact that a woman can be president of a country, and bring change to society, married or unmarried.

    This is a welcome change in a pageant where the usual imagery is a scantily clad female creatures. A good way to start the Lenten Season… And a winning poster to dramatize the beauty paradigm shift at MU…

  3. I don’t mind if she’s a mother
    But she should have gotten in shape prior to joining MUP
    There’s no excuse for that

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