11 comments on “Beauty Shots: MUPH2023 X Hello Glow

  1. Sad to say — these have got to be the most unflattering photos I’ve seen of this batch ever.

  2. This is the saddest year for MUP. Walang glow. Lahat wala. Ang Glow ay nasa isip lamang. Walang glow.

  3. The best 5 hello glow is the best beauty of face in this group. The top 2 is also clear , what is not clear is who is for Supra … Camcam maybe the most logical pick

    Bottom 25 of this group should bow out and go after the next national pageant, like Mutya , which is just around the corner , or maybe MWP 2023 later this year …

  4. #RecycledContestants
    Lalakad na ala-beauty queen, awra ko’y will make you scream,AmaRetokada

  5. Is it just me or are most of these pictures unflattering? 😅 Only a *few* of the ladies (like 9th & 15th) have that so-called “beauty glow.” But at least these shots are not overly photoshopped? 😅😅

  6. I am sorry to say, but sadly majority of the girls fall under any of these categories:

    1) Starlet vibes – the trying hard to be sultry and luscious look is so thick you can slice it with a knife.

    2) Tita vibes – I know that single moms are already accepted in MU. But my gosh, even the non-moms in the group look like they can be ninangs in a wedding na.

    3) The Cafe Havana beauties aka the Island Souvenir beauties.

    4) The recycled , tired looking has beens. Sorry to say but
    M. is so bland, nasal and boring. Enough of the pa mowhdel aura which never worked before and never will.
    S. is just one bath better looking than mommy dionesia and Ciara sotto. Remember dear, you didnt even land a semi finish in a third-rate beauty pageant.
    P. looks like a soccer mom.

    To top it all, nag mamantika ang look ng photos above. The oil spill in Mindoro has reached Manila through these girls. Lol.

    Oh, special mention to the puke-able ass-kisser vlogger “A” who looks like someone who is missing a certain chromosome. “Oh you look so expensive. Oh you are indeed a winner. You have a different glow. “ Pluhz lang. Tumigil ka na!

    World Peace.

  7. definitely beauty shots – not

    looking like Miss Earth early beauty shots

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