16 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 goes to Palawan

  1. Mahirap man tanggapin, habang si Anne ang namumuno ng MU Org. marahil abutin pa ng maraming siglo bago masungkit muli ng Pilipinas ang korona.

  2. If we will all just be honest about it, it is fair to say that no one in this batch is really standing out. At least as of today. The front runners are nothing but rehashed, repackaged girls, trying new tacks / gimmicks to stand out. And while MU has “evolved” into more than the physical, it is unfortunate that many of the girls look stout, forced-sophisticated looks” that are giving off either starlet vibes or tita-vibes. And how many have invented social / environmental projects just so it can be said they are evolved?

    I wish I will be proven wrong soon.

    World Peace.

    • I agree, with the exception of my girl Pauline and the Camcam girl. Both are naturals for the crowns they are gunning for – Pauline is the go-getter one needs to be for Universe and Camcam is letting her sultry vibe do its thing for Supra.

      Dee doesn’t seem to have changed from last year, down to the disaffected short hair look and too cool for school model emphasis on social media.

      Panlilio’s social media is giving me tacky Grand International vibes, KF needs to sophisticate her much more.

      I also agree that Navea-Huff is someone to watch out for.

      The other 35+ girls???? Hard to get excited at all for this batch. MEP vibes.

      • On point ka re: Dee. Been saying all along re: lazy hair and the I’m-too-cool-for-this attitude. Her aura is more “trying too hard” than being natural. Her comm skill (intonation/modulation) is blah, at best. Although she’s sensible, she’s never commanding, in my opinion. It was right around the same time last year when our Miss World rep, Tracy, commanded my interest during her BWAP speech; when ALL the paneled candidates intently listened to her and she grabbed their attention. I compared Michelle to Tracy then. Unfortunately, she’s still the same.

        I need to be proven wrong.

      • Agree. Universe calls for someone commanding.

        No more pabebe Gazinis and Cortesis who can only command attention with curated photoshoots and social media posts.

        Those two are more facially beautiful than anyone in this batch but it wasn’t enough.

        Only Pauline has that commanding aura amongst the frontrunners.

      • I honestly haven’t seen any videos, but I’ve obviously seen the Top 4 (Dee, Amelinckx, Panlilio, and Camcam) before, and their public speaking strength (or weakness).

        Spoilers will be Davao Oriental, Agusan del Norte, Baguio, Pampanga, and Quezon City but still unable to judge their comm skills.

        I agree with @luiskie below re: Pasig (Navea-Huff) but beauty wise, it’s a no for me. She reminds me of a younger Cherry Pie Picache. Sorry!

  3. Incoming nanaman mga anti-Jonas tatahol dito wkwkwk eh mga girls nga sa favorite nyong pageant, hanggang sa Cubao lang naglilibot wkwkwk

    • bitter ito.

      there are…certain reasons bakit may naging anti jonas…certain reasons bakit may naging anti MU

      then you deflect the flaws to Bb rehashing the situation to anti Jonas.

      apart from the trash logic you have, if MU keeps on too hot to handle then your guess is good as mine. be careful MU is threading now on a negative context.

  4. Have you seen Luis Portelles vlog interviewing Kali Navea-Huff (from q&a trainer to beauty queen) Kabahan na sila

    • Say no to foreigners using Pinoys for subscribers, likes, and free meals.

      No objectivity and obvious pandering. Nakahiya.

      But toxic soc med Pinoys obsess over every word “Did you hear what they said about Miss Felepens? Frontrunner daw.”

      Pagtapos na sa Pinas sa Thailand or Brazil naman.

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