4 comments on “Sha’uri Livori: An Earth Warrior from Down Under

  1. there are only 30 candidates for MPE 2023 , and THAT’s MORE LIKE IT !
    why can’t MUP and BbP ?
    Definitely, there are 10 or 15 MUP 2023 candidates who must bow out now or be eliminated at the outset of the finals in order to not waste precious time for both the candidates and the fans and the organization

  2. She looks teensy weensy even though she’s not . She’s as tall as Tito Norman who is prob standing on his toes with his feet 70 degrees to the ground .

  3. Tito Norms, please don’t take this negatively and against me. Pero parang naging tunay na mandirigma ka sa picture nyo. Is she super pretty?

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