11 comments on “Miss Ecology International is Meleah Mae Moreno of the Philippines

  1. masyadong mataas ang stage, sumakit ang leeg ko sa kakatingala sa mga kandidata!

    • And the pageant made sure the inaugural winner will come from the Philippines, the world’s biggest and noisiest fan base, for an immediate traction in the market. This is a known trend among the newly mushroomed pageants– give the crown to the Philippines, or keep its rep consistently in the winning circle.

  2. Next Miss World Universe International on Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Inamers lahat gusto magtayo ng sariling pageant at lahat gusto salihan ng…bansang ang critical sa pagpili ng pageant rep, kailangan maganda credentials at may valid advocacy pero ang binobotong officials ex-convict, undergrad, magnanakaw,.. Philippines! 😅😅😅

  3. Ano ba yan? Kung anek anek na Miss, Miss yan. I wouldn’t be surprised if meron ng Ms. Protozoa international at Missercordia next time. Lol. From Ms. Coffee international to Ms. Liquid Sosa International. Lol.

    Congratulations na rin. Pero parang mas bagay ang Miss Dental Veneer-eal International ang title nya.

    World Peace.

  4. Congratulations to the winners especially to our very own Meleah Mae Moreno

  5. She participated in Miss Earth Philippines 2021 and unfortunately she was not lucky at that time. She was appointed as Miss Ecology Philippines 2022 and she won Miss Ecology International 2023. Congratulations Miss Philippines! I hope you will join Miss Universe Philippines.

    Two confusing beauty pageants about saving the environment. First they have Miss Eco International in Egypt and now Miss Ecology International in Venezuela. What’s next?

    • Miss Ecology Universe
      Miss Ecology World
      Miss Biodiversity International
      Miss Biodiversity Universe
      Miss Biodiversity World

      The possibilities are endless …

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