6 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023 candidates visit the House of Representatives of the Philippines

  1. No advocacy is too big or small if it is really sincere. Just like Harnaaz’ advocacy which is menstrual equity, a bill is being proposed in the senate to grant 2 day leave with pay for working woman who is undergoing menstruation. A valid bill indeed.

  2. Isn’t it that there is a member of Congress who is a former beauty queen? I wonder where she was on this rare bonding and networking opportunity with her pageant sisters.

    On the subject of advocacies, I hope the Representatives of the People saw what these beautifully confident women are bringing to their respective tables– authentic grassroots sentiments for meaningful change via their advocacies! And where are the supposedly advocacy-oriented Party List representatives? I hope members of Congress would part of even a tiny speck pf their fat pork barrel on some causes championed by our budding transformational leaders.

  3. This visit to Congress is a terrific idea. For a pageant trumpeting to be a platform for various advocacies, this is one effective way for the candidates to communicate to– and solicit support from– their respective lawmakers on their specific community initiatives. I hope they really did meet them, not their staff. (Why no photo opp of at least one solon with the beautiful ladies?) I also hope each MU contender is able to talk about funding assistance, even just a tiny slice, from her respective solon’s fat pork barrel.

    • I view this visit as an opportunity for each MU contender to strengthen her own network for transformational leadership. The so-called “hallowed halls of the representatives of the people” is a good resource base for serious pro-people, pro-nature advocacies. I hope the ladies are able to fully capitalize on this opportunity that was opened.

  4. refreshing surprises during the personal interviews , I did not expect these candidates to be good at interview skills/answering questions and they look very good on camera

    Quezon Province
    Tiaong Quezon
    Negros Oriental

    If I were interviewing them for a job position, I would definitely ask for follow up interview

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