13 comments on “Miss Grand Philippines 2023: The Search begins

  1. not only in this blog but also in twitter and fb, bakit mas marami nag cocomment (and views) sa stand alone MGI Philippines, compared sa pinanggalingan niyang umbrella “most prestigious pageant in the universe for more 50 years” organization of the abaniko sisters de Cubao? Mas pag uusapan ang MGI kasi controversial, good or bad, publicity is publicity. Nawat must be in a celebratory mood habang nilalangaw yung isa.

  2. It appears that the only serious applicant is a comedienne, with a hurly-burly name Harlene Budol. Is a clowning spectacle in the offing?

    • She’ll definitely be treated as a “clown” spectacle by the MGI org like Sen Yang, the Miss Grand Hongkong 2021 or Dunavka Trifunovska, Miss Grand Macedonia 2015 (among others). They were hyped on their antics for clout but did not even make the first cut. With Herlene’s many local fans, she’ll be “used” for sure just to be talked about (not surprising, noting MGI’s penchant for anything viral). Real talk though, winning’s a far cry.

      • Yeah, and tbh Herlene just doesn’t have the latina glamazon face you can see on an typical MGI winner. For sure she’ll be used for clout

      • @ALAM NA THIS, that’ why it’s a double entendre of sorts, a clowning spectacle to morph a bawdy crowning event of a serious comedienne contender.

  3. Search no more, Look no further… save your time money effort… Ms. Herlene “the Shrimp” Budol is looking at you

  4. I think one of the runners up in the Miss Philippines Queen should be sent to this …

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