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  1. Pauline’s transformation is undeniable. The fire in her aura is calling the Universe.

    Meanwhile, I’m getting BbP 2000s vibes from these intros. That’s not a compliment.

  2. Miss World Malaysia 1983 Michelle Yeoh , just hours ago , won Best Actress , her first Oscar trophy and earned a place in history of the Academy Awards !

    Will a namesake Michelle , who was also a Miss World alumna ( 2019 ) , and also an actress , earn a place in MUP history in becoming our next representative at MU23? …!

  3. I am sorry but najority in this batch (at this point, at least) is not making me excited about the chances of the Philippines to do very well in the next MU.

    I know, I know, that MU has evolved already to be more than a beautiful face, gorgeous body, commanding posture and presentation. But, but, but one can’t help and notice in this batch old looking ladies , excess body fat, height that is underwhelming, cheap thick ako up, and awkward posture, presentation skills (including the very cringe worthy rapid change in facial expression [smile, pout, look luscious, fierce then smile again], and toes eager to free themselves from those shoes. Lol.

    I just feel we can do better than this…

    World Peace.

  4. Sorry, PA just don’t register MU for me. Another fair skinned, mestiza who’ll get drowned by bevy of international beauties, with transformative advocacies. Just like that other Boholana, Basiano.

  5. Knowing that all 40 of them have been chosen based on the three-dimensions of beauty, all of them are winners already and deserve our admiration. Beautifully confident! But that single person who will eventually carry the country’s sash at MU stage must be able to project her assertive transformational leadership in her advocacy. That criterion makes the playing field equal as of this time.

  6. Agusan del Norte & Paranaque for me.
    Sheesh, this dance number and those singers at the end are so cringe-worthy.

  7. Pauline A should be given a chance to represent us in the International stage.
    Beauty wise, Baguio is her closest competitor.
    Those who’d represented us previously should bow down, clap and give others a chance.

  8. Agusan, Baguio, Bulacan, Cavite, Bohol, Guimaras, Cebu Province, Northern Samar – noticeable presentation. I dunno with Michelle ha. It is the same presentation and styling for Michelle Dee. Michelle should bring in something new. At the moment, looks like Amelie is doing her assignment very well.I would love to see her in Miss Charm. Promising new comers and a strong number of morenas. Sana morena naman this time around.

  9. Makati, Bohol, Agusan, Parañaque, Cavite.
    Surprisingly lakas ng Agusan at Parañaque pero sana MUP will either be Makati or Bohol.

  10. Kung patuloy niyong gagawin mukhang matanda si Emmanuelle, sorry, hindi niya makukuha ang Miss Supranational Philippines.

    • I am glad that the MUP is not about Michelle vs Pauline anymore….Myghad ang daming promising at magaganda….Sana these women can talk, Agusan is getting alot of attention now

      • yes there are indeed a lot of remarkable newcomers but this will be a two-month long wait ….can they be consistent , can they sustain energy ? This is where the experienced delegates have a great advantage , they’ve been there , done that … Michelle will just have to increase her last year’s performance by at least a couple of notches and WIN !

  11. Pauline , for me, has the best chance to win MU. But she will need to do better with her pasarela in order to Michelle who is also my favorite
    Klaiza sounds good but she looks plain to me
    Sam is fine but she will make me nervous if she ends repping us at MU. I think her height and not so great pasarela are her Achilles tendon. She also tends to look gaunt sometimes.
    Claire is classy
    Janarie is gorgeous
    Vera is a fighter .
    The rest are definitely way above the genpop in terms of facial beauty

  12. Apart from the well-known 5 , Dee & Amelincx & Camcam & Panlilio & Castro , … my eyes took very keen interest at Agusan de Norte, Baguio, Paranaque ( & possibly , hopefully she takes care of the pimples on her face , Bacoor City ) …

      • yes Paranaque has unique looks … but Michelle’s Her Story can be sent to MU as we speak and it will be able to gain high praises for its very personal real authentic life’s story and journey… every one in the world who has siblings and children who are autistic can relate

        Other Her Story are just plainly dry & tourism videos of their hometowns, a dime a dozen

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