7 comments on “Lars Pacheco is Miss International Queen Philippines 2023

  1. The winner looks the pinay beauty…but yeah if transgender has their own pageant then they should not enter Bb Pilipinas or MUP, let these pageant be for natural born women. Or better yet, also allow the female candidate join the transgender pageantry since we want inclusivity!

  2. So here is the pageant for transgender women. Miss Universe should be a pageant for natural born female only. Parang unfair for natural women.

  3. The first and 2nd runner ups look prettier than the winner just based on above pics

    • Prettier due to extensive facial surgery?..
      I prefer the more natural Filipina beauty of Lars.. she already looked good even before any enhancements..

  4. Lars is the most Feminine.. almost or possibly of equal caliber as Fushia Anne Ravena… If she joins MUPh, she’s definitely Top 5 and maybe even win…

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