8 comments on “MUPH sa EB

  1. Congrats tito norman.. btw, sino yung girl na binangit? Yan ba yung halfie na Binibini na trained by a famous HMU artist na named after Disney Character?

  2. Tito Norman, watched you in Bawal judgemental… i observed and am concerned re. pigmented lesion on your nose parang lumaki. Have you consulted and was biopsy done? Hope it is benign.

      • Isn’t it just an ‘age spot ‘?
        Simply scraping it off with or without biopsy ( depending on the physical findings) should give you piece of mind

  3. I enjoyed watching you last night via youtube. You stated that a lady should not rely on a memorized answer More power

  4. I am sure the three of you enjoyed giving BJ a try. BJ as in Bawal Judgemental. Afterall, what are you three a SIN (Shandy, Ian, Norman) for? Lol.

    World Peace.

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