4 comments on “Coming Soon: Miss Universe Philippines 2023 “Her Story”

  1. Except for probably 3 or 5 ‘her story’ , it is going to be yawning season for the next two months … Kun Ann’s focus on the ‘strong’ woman concept can really get stale really quickly and can end up shrinking the fan base rather than attracting more women to try their luck at Miss Universe. Michelle should just focus on her strengths , namely her experience from last year , her training in acting which of course includes speaking , and her over all beautiful aura that can speak from the heart on topic autism awareness

    I love her cheek bone structure and I’m just wondering about bangs with that short hair !

    • actually, Im the real miss universe philippines but not just mis pohilippines, im miss malaysia, Miss indonesia, miss japan, miss spain, and miss vietnam. Jjust incase u didint know. ❤

  2. Dapat huwag nilang kalimutan na ang Miss Universe ay isang beauty contest kung saan ang mananalo ay ang pinakamaganda. (face, body, height, brain, talent and confidence), Additional na lang yang mga advocacy, at kung anik anik na transformational ek ek. Dapat siguro balikan muna nila kung saan nagsimua ang Miss Universe.

  3. The storyboard is expected to hew around the common denominator of these women of substance and courage: tenacious refusal to validate their worth in terms of height, body statistics (ironically termed “vital” in the mainstream media), pasarela, skin tone, gown carriage, styling, marital status, gender orientation, and other superficial attributes. A pageantry platform that talks about making the world a better place needs assertively transformational women whose inner beauty shines through the outer facade with her engaging articulacy, intellectual depth and spiritual strength as mirrored in her advocacy.

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