5 comments on “Queen P by BJ Pascual

  1. I hope Pia is made permanent host of MUP each year , and I have a feeling that Cat will be invited again as host of MU and is bound to become the version Megan Young , hostess at MW, as Cat will become hostess at MU ( I think Kun Ann likes Cat )

  2. she still got it ! …. Mimielanie might still got it if given the chance !

  3. I love you Queen P!!! Oh ilatag nyo yung mga kunya-kuntarian nyong English, talsik kayo kasi MU ang kaharap nyo. In the end, your English vocabulary and proficiency don’t define you. I love you Pia, #unassuminglybeautifulwithaheart, hindi katulad ng iba jan…ang magreact guilty. charizzz

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