15 comments on “Nguyen Thanh Ha of Vietnam wins Miss Eco International 2023

  1. Lahat ng past candidates natin sa pageant na to including the teen version ay talagang ang magaganda except dito sa girl na to. Chaka ng fez at kita naman sa resulta mukhang pinagbigyan lang sa first cut alang alang sa mga nakaraang candidates natin na super gaganda
    Tapos feeling pa na sya dapat ang MWP lol.. bet din ni Ana Winter-Lund to na maging MWP eh

  2. Lahat ng mga Miss Vietnam who won in the international pageant (Miss Earth, Miss Globe, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental, and now Miss Eco International) are not beauty queen material. The beauty of face and figure are all meh but they won even if their performances are not superlative. Parang nka-jackpot lang silang lahat. They all look like Miss Philippines from 2000-2009, but Miss Philippines never won with that kind of beauty.

    I’m not questioning their male counterpart though. Lahat ay napaka-deserving with their respective titles.

  3. Vietnam looks simply elegant. Philippines is cooling off a bit but then it’s time to put some focus on other SE Asian countries too like Vietnam that is just hungry as Ph and others.

  4. naumay na ata ang mga minor pageants sa Indonesia-Philippines,Thailand trifecta of bashers. this is not good for the careers of beauconteseras.

    • Umay na rin si madam JKN actually. And, she doesn’t really need the money of pH since she’s rich 😂

  5. Ashley has got great body and face ,at least before the finals
    The result should not dissuade her from joining other pageant s

    • Hhmmmm….no…
      Something’s odd in her face…
      We need new fresh faces…

    • Ha come on Fabian be real
      There’s nothing pretty about that girl who won because of her showbiz parents
      Hindi sya maganda

  6. As far I know ALV send the best and the most beautiful Philippine reprentative, Ashley Subijano Montenegro. I hope her next stop will be in Miss Grand International Philippines

  7. Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations to Ashley as well for reaching that far in the competetion

  8. Vietnam is catching up. Humahabol na sa Thailand and Philippines. Nag dominate na siya sa mga male pageants. Naungusan na nya ang Indonesia. Lumalaban na rin ang Cambodia. Akala ko Mongolia na ang next … bigla kasi silang nawalan ng runner-up streak.

  9. Weakest delegate ever. Well … her MWP batch is the weakest naman din in recent years.

  10. Weakest delegate ever. Well … she belongs din naman to the weakest MWP batch in recent years.

  11. Magka level ng ganda si Ashley at Karen Ibasco, though mas magaling sa q&a si Karen.

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