5 comments on “Smart casuals become the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 candidates

  1. Miss Agusan del Norte’s facial beauty has been catching my eyes in the stills

  2. The courageous women who refuse that their worth be measured in terms of height, body statistics, skin tone, pasarela, and other skin-deep attributes! The bold women who audaciously came forward to make an eloquent statement that their true worth is in their inner beauty! Invincible in its power to transform communities, the real worth of these women is gauged in their advocacies, the repository of their values, convictions, passions and intelligence. I salute all 40 of them—truly phenomenal!

  3. Graduating cum laude at UP with a degree in engineering ?
    I do not know how she did it
    But Bulacan is the smart one in the family

  4. The MUP sashes look so much better than the MU sashes which look wimpy and inappropriate for the prestige and grandeur of the Miss Universe Pageant tradition !

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