5 comments on “May 13, 2023: The Miss Universe Philippines Coronation

  1. squeezing everything out of these pre-pageant activities in an effort to increase social media traffic … this is gonna be an experiment on advertising creative digitization for MU

    everyone will be waiting with heightened anticipation for Kun Ann’s newest intl. venture

  2. Sad for Miss Universe. In the quest for relevance, marketability, and profitability, it went to the hands of an owner, leading to the brand’s fast dissolution.

    Pageant is a pageant is a pageant to showcase beauty wag na masyadong “cerebral” basta may sense ang sinasabi at has THE BEST STAR QUALITY to carry the brand. Kung merong achievements and other factors to complement I repeat the word the complement then better but not the main factor.

    Cleanse up the brand and the competition. No to married, with children, and transexuals and mutilated beauty. Make Miss Universe exclusive to the “miss.”

    It is the management’s duty to look for the charitable institution to support and not the candidate! But just ensure that she should be willing to cooperate. This should be done at the national level. I doubt a LOT about the spokesperson willingness of Rabiya, Celeste and Rachel; they were running away from the press.

    No to an owner that is scary. It stops the audience in its tracks to welcome the pageant. Nanlalaki ang mga mata nila pati ako. Anna is beautiful but he is rubbing it off hindi na natural. Then she speaks para ng sinapiang babae. Then people around would applaud not because they are impressed but to convince themselves, “It is ok right? It is ok.” He can help the pageant better if he stays in the background and strengthens the brand as it should be and does not DRIVE AWAY THE AUDIENCE.

    I think MU should shrink to sensible levels, masyado na kasing swollen ang expectations. It is only for entertainment. Kaya nalulugi ang mga investors.

    Grabe nagrerebelde na ang mga tao with the developments because it is not what it used to be kasi may attachment pa. They are repelled by Anna as the symbol of MU? (It is not because he is a transexual). Do you want that? Pero when they have learned to accept that it is no longer the Miss Universe they expect, they would detach as fast as when we turn off the TV when the Philippines is not included in the semis. Wag sanang umabot na mamimigay na lang sila ng tickets.

  3. Sir Norman, is this coronation only for the Philippines’ rep to MU? If MU is to be a stand-alone pageant, what about the crowning event for the other two pageants reportedly under MUPH umbrella? And when is MUPH going to officially name the other two pageants rumoured to be part of its brand portfolio?

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