5 comments on “Joemay Leo: The Mother who wants to become Miss Universe Philippines 2023

  1. I’m curious…since moms, wives, divorcees, and trans are now allowed, will they re-title it to The Ms. Universe Pageant?

    • Why should a woman has to be transformed from a Miss to a Mrs once married when the man keeps his universal title Mr whatever is his marital status? The title of Ms was introduced in the 1950s by the womenโ€™s lib movement in a rebellion against the fact that Mrs essentially denotes an ownership by the Mr. But, I believe MU refers to โ€œMissโ€ as basically a title of respect accorded to a woman. Nothing more, nothing less. The MU post is a full time job. Just like any job application, why should an employer be interested if the female applicant is married or not when the same is not true for a male applicant? if the male applicant is just required to denote Mr. before his name, so should a woman be allowed to denote Miss before her name.

  2. Seeing a Miss Universe contestant in her native tribal attire with her little child in her arms, instead of a buxom woman in skimpy bikini, immediately conveyed a powerful message on what indeed is a beautiful woman. Suddenly, a woman is seen not as an object or a commodity but as a human being whose tenderness and compassion is a strength, whose inner beauty is a formidable force for good in this world. Best of luck Joemay. God be with you and the entire Igorot tribe in this epic journey.

    • I now see the wisdom in including young moms in beauty pageants. The subliminal message created by the picture above powerfully deflects the perceptual image of beauty pageants from being a tool for women objectification to a construct that highlights the deeper essence of femininityโ€”the ability to bear and rear human lives, to give out pure and unconditional love, to show strength in tenderness and compassion, to naturally care for others, and to overcome pains and rejection. The presence of young moms in pageantry symbolizes liberation from centuries-old bondage to wrong cultural expectations on women.

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