20 comments on “BTS Photos from the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Interview Challenge

  1. The girl with a mole on the forehead, center in the last pic. Who is she? Pretty pinay (at least in that pic)

  2. Dios mio nag pa contest pa.
    Sana inappoint na lang si Michelle Dee.
    Natandaan ko may isang post sa IG na naglalakad sina Michelle at Cortesi sa Italy yata yun doon mo kitang kita na dapat si Michelle Dee talaga ang nanalo.
    Michelle was so classy and stunning in that video while Cortesi was parang street hooker at lantang bulaklak.

  3. Nakakaumay fezlak ni Voltaire, sana behind the scene na lang sya at doing his work – communicate.

  4. Maraming pabibo
    Trying to speak with a perfect American accent
    Hope di kayo mabudol o kaya mambubudol
    Still appreciate the likes of Shamcey Pia Michelle Dee and Patch who are very unassuming

    • Kagaya ko rin naman sila
      Mambubudol din Ako
      Trying to speak with a perfect American accent
      Pero di umuubra sa mga Kano
      They still ask me , ‘ where is that accent from ?’
      Fortunately , I am not the one on stage vying to be MUPh

  5. Hahaha
    With all due respect , the communications director posted a lot of pics but the blogger decided to post this one with him at the helm
    So it’s not his fault
    Pls leave him be !

  6. With all due respect to the Director of Communications, this role should not be about using your own platform to post MUP content, but rather using the appropriate platforms to post. Also, please focus on the girls, and not you.

  7. Looking forward to seeing new pics, until makita ko yung last one, with Voltaire’s face included. Can we just say “go away, please!”

  8. Top left in brown jacket , super beautiful
    I don’t care if she’s short
    As long as she in shape and can talk , I’m for her

  9. Advocacies are important in beauty pageants because they are the best indicators of aspirants’ values, convictions and passions. Together with communication skills, it radiates one’s so-called inner beauty, which makes the outer beauty glow all the more. But advocacies per se does not give the magic formula for success– it must be meaningful involvement in an advocacy that impacts grassroots communities, especially the marginalized. Does the aspirant’s participation in an advocacy highlighting her transformational leadership? Is she a top-ranking officer, or a convenor? If the one is simply a member of a civic organization, a civil society, or NGO, without any significant leadership position, or have no track record of organizing a sustained campaign or community initiative, that is absolutely not indicative of transformational leadership. Photo-opps in some one-off projects are not advocacies.

    • I have read the advocacies of most MUP aspirants and they are all admirable. I just hope that each advocacy is presented in a way that effectively showcase the transformational leadership qualities of the aspirant. If there are specific initiatives that she launched, micro- or big-scale, and the solid outcome benefited a great number of impacted communities, she definitely is a transformational leader.

  10. One of these ladies will walk the streets of El Salvador wearing a tight fit sweater, giant sunglases, a super mini skirt, and thigh high boots, with tweedledee and tweedledumb lurking in the background 😶

  11. Autism is very close to Michelle Dee’s heart and this is her advantage not only at MUP2023 but also definitely at MU2023 … if platform is real-life to a candidate, she becomes more convincing in the eyes and ears of the judges and the interview becomes a standout personal interview that they will not forget … just watch the interviews at MU2022 of Miss USA, Miss Canada, Miss Portugal, Miss Laos, even Miss Australia … I must say I was not impressed with the interview of Miss Curacao but she has a most beautiful facial beauty and that is what zoomed her up to the Top 5. Just a reminder, platform does not need to be sublime, empowerment or climate all the time. It can be simple and one-note like autism awareness. It just needs to be real and sincere.

    I really believe that Michelle can maximize her interview skills and facial beauty , even though she might not be the no. 1 in interview and facial beauty at MU2023 , and if she succeeds in maximizing her advantage , she can infiltrate the Top Three very easily!

    • Dee has a flat personality. You could barely even hear her during the all-access clip.

      Khun Anne is larger than life. BIG ENERGY.

      Dee is as energetic as Cortesi – Culpo 2020 levels.

      Manage your expectations.

      • this is just your opinion that I do not share ; many believe she will be an excellent rep for Pinas at MU2023 and I agree with all of them !

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