14 comments on “Herlene Nicole Budol will join Miss Grand Philippines 2023

  1. I like her gown, but that silicon bra is distracting, you can obviously see it.

  2. Yung Wilbert/manager na lang niya ilaban sa Ms Grand, mas fierce yun! 😅

  3. From a fiasco to a faux pas, but in both cases fanciful. Well, a beautiful comedienne may be the right prescription to delusional advocacies. Or, a Budol for a “budol”– fair enough. Good luck, Nicole. Give us a real hearty laughter!

    • If Harlene wins, she will be a perfect shooter from the hip shouting MGI’s “Stop the war!”, not that she literally has curvaceous hips, but her comedic skills can make her say whatever she wants with a piercing and funny twist.

  4. Hays, wala akong problema kay Herlene. May potential naman talaga sya as beauty queen kaso wag sa pageant na yan please. Knowing na sikat sa general public si Herlene, bibigyan nya lang ng clout MGI dito tsk. gagamitin lang ni Angkol yung reach nya

  5. It is such great news that the non-top winners and runners up from the major pageants are continuing to keep pushing themselves, energizing the drive to explore other avenues , and maximizing their victories. Their future wins are Pinas wins !

  6. Ang shady na pinagtabi yung dalawang photos na ‘yon sa news article haha, I live. Anyway, hindi na naman suprising na sasali siya sa Miss Grand Philippines. If may merlie na kayang kaya gumawa ng theatrics na gusto ni Nawat, si Herlene ‘yon.

  7. I was expecting her to join at the Miss Universe Philippines 2023. I am glad she decided to join Miss Grand Philippines. I am sure with the help of her manager Wilbert Tolentino and her millions supporters she will win the crown.

  8. I am thrilled, happy and excited that Herlene Nicole Budol will join the pageant again. If she will win, she will be the best and brightest among the representative of the Philippines to the Miss Grand International. She has the confidence, talent, beauty, height and most of all amazing communication skills. MGI owner Nawat Itsaragrisil will definitely give her the crown. Let us support Herlene to her journey and hoping she will going to win the crown.

    • No offense talaga, Gabriela, pero pwede bang mag tagalog ka na lang. It’s not the first time that your English is balu baluktot. Ok lang!

    • @Gabriela uhmmm I agree that the first 4 qualities of Herlene which you mentioned can make her a major contender for the Miss Grand Philippines crown. But “amazing” communication skills??? C’mon now — we all know Herlene has extreme difficulty communicating in English, and her thought process remains to be seen if it has been improving significantly on being spontaneously profound and incisive under time pressure instead of just churning out the usual memorized and rehearsed spiels. She can spring a surprise though and we her countrymen will be jubilantly supporting her all the way. But try not to get waaay ahead of yourself on this one and it is best to manage your expectations accordingly based on facts rather than fanaticism or wishful thinking.

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