9 comments on “Klyza Castro and her Transformational Advocacy

  1. Nasaveh ko na vefore na may future Ang vacklah sa vayoti fageant 🙂
    Vackah mailamfaso fa Nya Yung manok nyong may face na nsifitan Ng sifit kung ngumiti ahihihihihi 😆

  2. Why did she not make it past the first cut ???
    It makes you wonder if her beauty is appealing enough to the international audience

  3. Michelle and Pauline the real authentic English speaker
    Klaiza sounded really good during the final screening . Hope Hindi budol

  4. We are now witnessing the emergence of many Filipinas whose outer beauty sparkles with an inner glow coming from the intelligence to articulate deep advocacy-driven convictions and passions. Truly beauties that renew, reawaken, revitalize, rejuvenate, refine and recast— action words that redefine today’s Filipina: phenomenal, transformational, inspirational and aspirational.

  5. Klyza Castro seems to have hit a goldmine in her choice of advocacy– intertwining livelihood sustenance and cultural preservation into one sustainable development goal! Very well thought of. Very rich in opportunities for showcasing to the world her transformational leadership! It appears this has been her advocacy for quite sometime so this is not the contrived made-for-pageant type. This alone and her communication skills make her a frontrunner. Good luck to her.

    All advocacies related to sustainable development goals are loaded with golden opportunities for showcasing one’s transformational leadership qualities. The advocacy of Vanessa Tse Wing in the previous blog would be another example, provided she successfully highlights its significance on impacted communities.

    • If Klyza can tap the assistance of DTI for improving the quality of Dagmay into world-class products, and tap retailers like Kultura as a marketing outlet, this will be a big boost to her transformational leadership credentials.

      • @Cool Brew, there are so many articulate beauties in this batch, with potential for or with track record of transformational leadership, but I think Klyza’s advocacy rings a timely bell internationally– hitting economic and cultural aspects while toeing the line of UN sustainability goals.

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