21 comments on “Eileen Gonzales: The single mom who wants to be Miss Universe Philippines

  1. May Mrs Universe naman ah? Ginulo nyo pa ang MissU. Baka next time pwede na rin baklang may lawit sa MissU. Lahat na lang.

  2. Hindi na sensible ang pageant. Heheh. Miss World and Miss Earth will overtake it.

    Dapat tawaging Come What May Beauty Pageant. Like it is there but it is not.

  3. Now JKN allowed married women, there will be a problem is using “Miss” in Miss Universe. Miss is only for unmarried women. It can use Ms tho.

  4. Genuine question: nale-lessen ba ang ganda at character ng babae kapag nagaasawa or nagkakanak sya? I mean kung hindi naman, why should this be something controversial

    and honestly kung mananatiliing traditional ang mga pageants I would discourage any moms to encourage their daughters to join a pageant. It’s not really something that can add prestige to your career resume in a developed countries anyway LOL

    • The title says Miss. Not Missus. And it should be part of the discipline and narrow path to get the title.

  5. In fairness, maganda naman sya based on these pics. I say she earned her placement, mom or not

  6. In the celebration of beauty, is there a law that tells the world what is the “true” type, the “right” qualifications of participants? Pageantry is a eurocentric construct that was handed down us. Eurocentrism is the tendency to interpret the world in terms of European or Anglo-American values, attitudes and interests; it considers Europe as focal to world culture, history, economics, etc. But in the world today where there emerged Asiacentrism and Afrocentrism, and many other groups that see things through their own ethnic and cultural lenses, who defines what is beautiful and what is not, who can join one event and who cannot? A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman– irrespective of her ethnic, social, civil, and legal status—because this generation’s concept of beauty transcends the physical and includes cerebral and spiritual. Eurocentrism has boxed-in woman for so long, to the point that they have been objectified and commodified.

    • Time now to shake pageantry off the eurocentric concepts, ideologies and myths on beauty. Time now for the real celebration of beauty!

  7. Honestly I miss the old days of Miss Universe. I am old school person and I still believe that there should be a pageant for everybody, trans, married, unwed etc. I remember way back before when some parents always dreaming and saying someday my daughter will be Miss Universe and now the mothers are saying I want to be Miss Universe. The inclusive of unwed and married mothers in MU will make the beauty pageant less prestige. I hope MUO will wake up before it is too late.

    • Tsaka minimum height dati is 5’5″, dinadaya pa para maging 5’6″. Palaging nananalo yung matatangkad. Ngayon kahit 5’2″ tinatanggap na para maging beauty queen.

      • But the pageant is old. Hahha. You should create a new one. We respect a beauty pageant and not a circus.

      • You will die too by the way and we are not sure if you will reach our age. Matabil ang bibig mong bata ka.

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