5 comments on “The Refreshingly Beautiful Krishnah Gravidez

  1. Refreshingly beautiful. What is her advocacy? Sir Norman, I wish for each blog entry of an MUP aspirant, there is something about her passion or community involvement that shows her potential for, or track record of, transformational leadership. This time, MU brand is seriously searching for multi-dimensional beauties. Pageant enthusiasts are interested in knowing what gives each one the competitive edge as a beautifully confident aspirant. Thank you.

    • To me the 40 official candidates are all winners already, I trust the judgement of the screening committee for having winnowed the holistic beauties from all hopefuls. But we have to remember that our new template now is designed after R’Bonney mould, or even the MU Top 5– outer beauty made sparkling by the inner glow that comes from articulacy to share deep-seated advocacy-driven convictions and passions.

    • Refreshing beauties are a dime a dozen. Rival pageants have lots of them. MU looks for a beauty that renews, reawakens, revitalizes, rejuvenates, refines and recasts.

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