7 comments on “Vanessa Tse Wing: On the Wings of the Universe

  1. E, di urban gardening. Priority din yan ng Department of Agriculure, not only to promote food production but also to reduce wastes by recycling them as fertilizer or packaging material.

  2. Urban gardening is one of the programs promoted by the Department of Agriculture.

  3. Guimaras never represented in national pageantry. I am wondering where are the lovely Guimarasnon in that island. I was looking for an answer and I found out there was beauty queen from Guimaras. Mary Eve Adeline Escoto. she was the first Filipino title holder of Miss Asia Global and she was crowned in 2017 in India . I hope Vanessa Tse Wing will make the Guimarasnon be happy and proud that their island will be in the spotlight.

  4. A Master’s Degree holder in Urban Planning. Impressive. But what is she doing at the Department of Agriculture? A government agency supposed to champion food security has an Urban Planning specialist, not a rural planner. Is she involved in the conversion of farmlands into subdivisions all over the country. What is her take on the non-passage of decades-old Land Use Act?

    • Vanessa’s convincing answers to the above questions would give beautiful traction to her bid for the Force for Good crown. Her credentials put her on the spot on issues of national importance and international value due to global sustainable development goals.

    • Vanessa’s advocacy is Environmental Resiliency through Sustainable Livelihood and Education. For her MU candidacy’s sake, she should be able to explain what that entails in the light of her urban planning background and work with the Department of Agriculture, and more importantly, in the light of the skyrocketing market prices of agricultural products in the midst of plummeting incomes for the farmers. If she can do that, she can be is a strong contender to the crown.

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