11 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2023 joins Phil. Red Cross blood donation activity

  1. The audacity! Please educate yourself regarding HIV before posting a comment.

  2. This is a wonderful initiative by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. and the Philippine Red Cross – Quezon City Chapter. It is encouraging to see that the organization is partnering with more charitable organizations and institutions to engage candidates in different advocacy work. It is a great way to build a sense of social responsibility and awareness in the candidates, while also helping the country’s blood supply.

    Do you think there are other ways in which the organization can further encourage philanthropic activities among its candidates?

    • @Joanna, the relevant charity nowadays is not dole-outs but empowering people in the social margins to fend for themselves. A sage said: if you give a person a fish, he will eat for a day; if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life. The Philippines has been hooked for so long in the “ayuda” mentality. After the “ayuda”, the teeming mass is back to the same mendicancy situation. It’s good for these beautiful ladies to donate blood, or to give cheer to the orphans, but I think it’s nobler to donate their talents, time and energy to some community livelihood programs that will give lasting lifelines to the poor.

  3. Blood donation is such a very admirable act. Blood saves lives. One becomes a hero when one donates blood

    • What do we now call people who out of desperate need for money for their families are forced to sell their blood? I hope that practice that I have known years ago in the Philippines no longer happens. If it does, isn’t it more heroic for our binibini’s to give, instead of blood, a more valuable lifeline thru livelihood programs that will empower the poor out of poverty?

      • Blood donation is voluntary. Selling blood has been prohibited since the abolition of private blood centers. Blood donation takes place only in the hospitals and Red Cross offices. The payment given by Blood recipients is to bankroll the reagents and materials used in blood donation. Blood saves lives during emergency situation such as acute blood loss. To have a continouos supply of blood in our hospitals and Red Cross offices, we need heroes who are willing to donate blood.

      • Ah, ok. Thanks. Still, I think it is relatively more heroic and impactful for these beautiful ladies to give their precious time, energy, talents and resources on providing economic lifeline to the needy than on giving a few ounces of blood to the Blood Bank. The soldiers and athletes can be a better source of blood. Blood anyway doesn’t have to come from a beautiful source, but from a healthy donor.

      • Campaigning for voluntary blood donation is actually a beautiful advocacy. The country needs influencers to convince the public to voluntary donate blood. I heard of a community who experienced shortage of blood supply and it was such an awful situation to be in

  4. so for this Bb Pilipinas 2023 only 1 winner will be crowned- Ms. Globe Philippines 2023 since Bb.Pilipinas International 2023 was already crowned last year as this year’s representative. why do international beauty pageant organizations keep on ditching BPCI? After acquiring practically the franchises of almost all alpha and other minor pageants had left Binibini since 2011.

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